Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Master Key

Sunday, November 29, 2009

On my facebook profile, there's a picture right now that might look a little... incomplete. Folks who have taken a look at my profile before know that that's only about 1/4 of the original picture, which is my grade 1 Queen E photo taken in 1971. I'm a not-very-ripe 5 years old in that picture. This is a rather indulgent post in my blog here because that's what I'm gonna talk about. By now anybody who's only a passive blog reader of Ragnar here has probably bailed right about by now.

In 1971, cigarette ads were banned on TV, School House Rock was born (remember "I'm Just a Bill"? "Conjunction Junction"? "A Noun Can Be, A Noun Can Be, A Person Place or Thing"?), Disney World opened, DB Cooper skyjacked a plane to Seattle (and more recently starred on Prison Break... j/k), Charles Manson was convicted of his monsterisms, "Dirty Harry", "The French Connection" and "A Clockwork Orange" hit theatres, John Lennon's "Imagine" - the Bee Gees "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" - and Three Dog Night's "Joy To the World" hit AM airwaves everywhere. Good old Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of our fine country at the time, and Nixon was busy doing his best to bury the U.S. reputation worldwide.

I remember my mom bringing me to school for the first time. I'd never been to kindergarten, I'm not even sure there was a kindergarten back then. But I do know that I was very young to be in grade 1. I was always the youngest kid in my class, at least until I began failing grades 7 and 8, and later 12. I cried when Mom brought me to school and left me there. Mrs. Touche (pronounced too-shay) was my teacher, an older lady whom I have to think didn't like kids a whole lot. That seemed to be accepted as the norm back then. Mrs. Touche tested my very young patience throughout the year, and halfway through, when I asked to go to the washroom one day.... "Mrs. Touche..." --she ignored me. My hand was up. A long time. My arm was getting tired and my bladder was beginning to wonder what it did to have it deserve the overload it was experiencing. I know other kids in the class would have been answered a whole lot sooner. Eventually.... "What do you want?" she would snap.

"Can I use the bathroom?" My knees were knocking together because I felt like an overloaded water balloon flirting with a porcupine. "NO you may not!" No pun intended, but boy, that pissed me off. A couple of minutes later, my hand went up again. "Put your hand down, you're not going to the bathroom!" "Alright..." I said. So I let 'er rip right there in my pants all over the floor. "Michael Cook! What are you doing!" "Mrs. Touche, you said I couldn't use the bathroom." The whole class erupted in laughter as the spreading yellowness across the classroom floor invaded everyone's space. Man, I had to go alright! Talk about flooding the ice.

Anyway, my point being here, that I wasn't entirely well liked by my teacher that year. From the getgo. I felt rejected from my first day in school. I didn't have a whole lot of friends, but I did have some. Mostly, those kids were others who were like me, quiet and timid, looking for acceptance. And you know what? That continues to this day. But there's always something going on behind the curtains, right?

When I was that young, my hair wasn't brown. I was a platinum blonde kid, preschool, and it took on other colors as I grew older. In this grade 1 picture, it appeared strawberry blonde. Later, it would morph to dark brown. In this grade 1 picture, here I am, a strawberry blonde youngster, the youngest in his class, and somewhat bewildered at why this man was taking my picture. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures taken of me. I'm the youngest of 7 kids in my family, and judging by the utter lack of pictures of me that young, perhaps taking snapshots of kids was passe in my family. It was more expensive then, too, not like today where you can snap a gazillion pictures on a digital camera for practically nothing. But nonetheless, somebody was taking my picture! That alone is exciting to a kid. Especially me at the time.

My dad was a drinker, from all I can remember. A lot of things happened in his life that seemed to push him to the brink. His brother getting killed in the second world war maybe being the biggest. Recently I learned about another brother of his, Jerry, in Miramichi (then Chatham), losing one of his kids in a fire at home. He tried and failed to save his son, waiting for rescue from his daddy at his bedroom window, only to be thwarted by a ladder that didn't reach high enough. Jerry himself underwent personal turmoil throughout the rest of his life as a result of psychological damage from an event so traumatic. Dad losing his parents, perhaps especially his mother, from natural causes, probably didn't help. He turned to the bottle for comfort, and the bottle caused a lot of trouble at 136 Emmerson Street in Moncton. Dad was loud and obnoxious at times, at all hours of the night. It was not uncommon for us to dwell through the days like zombies because we hadn't gotten any sleep. Money was tight, because Dad drank a lot of it away. At the time, there were probably five or six kids still in that little house. That's a lot of mouths to feed, clothe and take care of on one salary. Take a look at my hair in that picture. It's shaggy and very unkept looking. Probably in need of attention from a barber. It probably wasn't brushed that morning or washed in a bit. This isn't because Mom was negligent, it's because she was overworked. I was cared for, but my mother was spread very thin in those days. She was the toughest, most caring loving person I will ever know or know of. In spite of all the adversity, she never left us, or Dad. She held fast to the vows she took upon marriage. Add to what's going on in the little boy's head in that picture that he's likely very, very tired, somewhat bewildered, a little bit afraid, yet kind of happy that somebody's taking his picture. At that very instant, I let my guard down, until it was time to return to the classroom.

I cropped that picture for my profile on facebook. It closes in on my right eye. The eyes, they say, rather a cliche... are the windows to the soul. True, isn't it? Especially when you hear the stories behind the eyes. Those were big, big brown ones on me. My mom loved my eyes. Always remarked how big and brown and beautiful she thought they were. She always bought me brown shirts, brown sweaters, brown corduroys, all to match my eyes. I grew to hate brown clothes back then, because it's mostly all I had. Today, I see brown very differently. I see my Mom's heart in that color, because that's how she always saw mine, through the windows of my eyes. Interesting to note is, that everyone's eyes are as big when they're born as they are the rest of their lives. I closed in on that one eye because I wanted to also point out that, in light of that fact, the eyes on that kid - the same eyes, same color, same size - are the same eyes that are looking at the MacBook screen that I type this on right now. Those windows never change. They might get a bit more blurry! But that same kid is still me. I have the same qualities, the same hangups, the same vision and outlook. And, everyone is that kid. We all have those pictures. We were all there, and are here, if we're lucky enough. Every pair of eyes carries with them a history that can hint to everyone where they've been. The stories they tell are vast, and endless. And, perhaps, they carry answers and keys as to why someone is the way they are. Maybe considering that, they can act as a sort of perpetual handbook as to how to treat those people. Or why they do what they do.

But the master key to opening someone's heart and getting past those windows, a key we all own and maybe don't use as much as we should, ALL of us, is Love. We shouldn't forget that we have that key in our pockets at all times. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, every year, for all of our lives.

Have you used your master key lately?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The More Things Change......

Alexandra's just getting over the formidable Pig Flu, but right now she's over on the PC playing Webkinz at the moment.  The doc gave her a free pass from school for a week last weekend, and she didn't suffer a heck of a lot, more like a really bad cold more than anything.

There's an awful lot of alarmist rhetoric going around about this H1N1 thing.  I know some people have died from it.  I also know some people die of the flu every single year.  A whole lot more people die of car accidents they're not expecting to be in either, or of heart attacks they never saw coming, and I bet every minute someone somewhere dies falling out of bed somewhere in the world.  Fact of the matter is, if your time is up, you're going.  If some kind of flu doesn't nail you, something will someday, so relax and enjoy they ride.  It doesn't last forever.  Neither does the flu.

The three of us just got back from the Y after a pretty good round of exercise in the gym.  We've been going very steadily now since April, and speaking for myself, I've never been in better shape than I am now.  I know if you're a guy reading this, there's a fair chance that you're wondering if you could beat me in an arm wrestle now, or if your arms are bigger than mine, or you're thinking "I bet I could bench press more than you".  Now most guys don't think that.  But to those who do, I have this to say:  You're right.  You would beat me in an arm wrestle.  Your arms ARE bigger and you CAN bench press more.  I bet you can piss farther than me too.  In other words, I don't care.  I'm doing this for me, not to measure my penis up against the other guys.  And if Janice likes what she sees, then bonus.  She's the one who sees me more than anyone else.  And she truly is the only one I want to impress.  God forbid, if  we're ever apart, I'll be done with relationships and I'll walk alone.

But, there's nothing like that on the radar that I can see.  We're doing quite well thank you.  Janice is kickin' some serious ass at the gym, going just about every day, pumping up the cardio and also going to taekwondo classes.  She and Alexandra are now working toward their 3rd degree black belts, and maybe with a little luck they'll be able to test in the springtime for it.  She's doing well at the post office that she's managing, save for a bit of employee trouble and growing pains with a new computer setup.

We were at church this morning and saw my brother Rick, but he skipped out quite promptly after mass was over.  Alexandra served on the altar, Janice subbed for someone serving Host and I read second reading.  I'm hoping I'll be on the Christmas mass list of lectors.  I really enjoy doing readings, and it was nice seeing at least one of my family members out there.  Rick's a good friggin' guy, the guardian of the Cook clan, and I think everyone in the family would agree with that.

As of November 3rd, I've been with Vail's Laundry Care for a whole year.  It's had its ups and downs, but I've kind of settled in there.  The money's not super, but the Monday-Friday day shifts definitely are. It's probably most stressful when holidays come around, then we have to work extra hard to get ahead to make up for the time we won't be at the plant.  That's what's happening right now, with Remembrance Day coming up.  Christmas will be even trickier, but we'll get through it.  A Christmas staff party is coming up December 12, which I won't be attending.  I'm not big on those.  Last time I was at a staff party was for the Shoppers Drug Mart I last worked for, and I even had to be prodded a fair bit to go to that one.  Before that, it was years since I'd been to a staff party.  I don't my guard down around a lot of people.  Janice and Alexandra of course, my buddy Pete, some family members (not all though), and my pal Marshall at work, but not really hardly anyone else.  If you're reading this and I didn't mention you, don't be offended.  It doesn't mean I don't value you immensely.

Yesterday we took a little day trip to the Calais, Maine, for one of our fun little trips to get a bunch of treats we can't find here in Canada.  Holy crap, what haul we got!  We actually might've overdone it.  But, we'll have lots of fun knocking down the quantities of stuff that we got.  We gave Lex some American cash to get some things that would interest her, so we all did some shopping to get stuff that tickled our fancies.  But I was disappointed in not finding any KISS stuff that was supposed to be made available at Wal Marts everywhere with the release of their "Sonic Boom" CD.  There was nothing at all.  There was supposed to be Mr. Potato Heads, M&Ms, fleece blankets, t-shirts, trading cards and lots of other stuff, but there was nothing.  What a disappointment.  Still, we got lots of other stuff.  We stopped at Rotten Ronnie's for a bite, and Janice and me got a bacon cheese Angus burger.  Wow, was that great!  In a blind taste test, I bet no one would guess that it was a Micky D's burger.  Lex got a hot chocolate after her meal that I tried and it nearly melted my lip right off my face.  Holy shit-- they looking for another lawsuit or something?  I thought I'd just put a branding iron to my mouth.  Anyway, on the way out of Calais at the border, we made sure Janice was at the wheel because we had a lot of booty.  She put the charm on with the border guard, offering him the receipts we had, joked with him a bit and we got through without paying any duty.  A note to any families going south for any reason via land... get the wife behind the wheel to do the talking on the way back.

I was at the doctor's this week to follow up on my kidney stone problems.  He kindly informed me that I have four (4) stones in my left kidney.  FOUR stones!!!  "Are you kidding me?  Seriously?"  "Afraid so.  But hey, look," he assured me, "people can have stones in their kidneys all their lives and they may never pass them.  They may be so small that you'd never know it."  Ultimately, I've got four time bombs in my kidneys ready to wreak havoc on my sanity, possibly.  In any case, he's sending me to a urologist to figure out a plan of action and figure out what I might be able to do about it.  Honestly, I'm not worried.  I've got my Oxycodone and Percocets if I need them and I'll just have to deal with it if/when the time comes.

I am looking forward tomorrow (Nov. 9) to getting a car starter installed.  With installation it came in at under $200 and it's gonna be plenty worth it when the sub zero temperatures start becoming commonplace.  Speaking of November dates, it's my friend Michelle's birthday at the time I type this.  And she's celebrating with her own bout with the H1N1 virus.  Michelle, if you're reading, get better soon and keep staying in touch via your status lines on facebook.  Also in November, on the 28th exactly, is our anniversary.  Eleven years!  That's quite freaky really.  But when things are going good, time flies.  I have to say that time's going at warp speed.  But, we enjoy every minute.  We go out to eat somewhere every year, and since on the evening we got married at the Wesleyan Church back in 1998 there was a Santa Claus parade on an icy frigid Saturday night, this year there it's also on a Saturday night with a Santa Claus parade.  That night we got married (by surprise, at least for her), I'd planned on bringing her to Swiss Chalet.  No dice, it was packed.  How about Ponderosa?  Closed.  Boomerangs?  Forget it.  With time ticking, we were all decked out for the Nutcracker at the Capitol Theatre (which was non-existant and just a rouse to get Janice dressed up to get married... again, unbeknownst to her), we opted for Wendy's!  We had to have been quite a site, all decked out for the end of the world chowing down on burgers and fries with root beer.  We joked yesterday... only halfways really... that we should return to Wendy's in memory of the occasion.  This time with Alexandra, who when we got married that night was actually waiting at the church for us to arrive.  Little 2 year old Lexy even did a little burlesque dance at the reception reciting the Barney "I Love You" song.

I am, as of right now, 186 lbs.  I told Janice if I got down to 175, I'd wear a Speedo and go swimming at the Y with it.  That would scare most people, but she's chomping at the bit to get that to happen.  Problem there is, I think I'm gaining muscle and losing fat, so.... could be tricky.  Janice herself is doing amazingly well along with Lex, with both of them going to TOPS.  Janice is down something like ten pounds or something, maybe more, and Lex is down around five or so.  I'm really, really proud of both of them.

We saw an old friend we haven't seen in ages in Sara Carter, who visited us here at the house on Friday night as we had some fun with Wii games.  That girl plays a mean guitar on Rock Band, let me tell you! And funny, holy frig... there's a Wii Fit game that she brought over, and the motions and body movements you have have to make with some of those things--- it's pretty hilarious.  But the vibe that we had that evening was like we never skipped a beat hanging out, even though Sara hadn't been around in years.  But things kind of reverted back to happier times and now it feels as if though things are as they were.  I would hope Sara would agree.  She's such a sweetheart, and there's such a sweet connection between her and Alexandra.

I guess that's going to be it for this outing.  Thanks for checking in, and please come back!

JANICE says:

K, well I have to chime in on a few things. I want to get Mike down to 175 lbs so that he will come to the Y and go swimming in a Speedo. I think all well proportioned men should wear Speedo bathing suits. I myself do not care what he wears because he is perfect just the way he is. I just think a Speedo is a bonus. Lex and I are members of TOPS because we need to change our eating habits. Speaking for myself I need to lose some weight so that my arthritis would be easier to manage. Lex just needs to learn to watch her portions. I am really proud of her, she is doing really well. She has become somewhat of a pet there to our fellow members. As for the gym, I really do like going there because I feel so good after I leave. I am back at TKD with Lex, and it is so nice to have our old master Chris back teaching and you can just see he is happy. I am so glad for him and his wife Tina (plus one, plus one in the oven!). As Mike said it is our anniversary in a few weeks, and I love the fact that we still look forward to being together every day. I believe we truly were meant to be together forever. I know he is reading this. I Love You Honey. That is all I have for now night all

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's 11:30pm here on Wednesday night, as I'm getting ready to shut down. The computer AND myself. Man, I'll be glad when my shifts change from 7 - 3:30 to 8 - 4:30. That 1 extra hour of sleep will be nice to get back. I am not a morning person.

Meredith's playing the news to the left of me, and the wife is on the couch to the right of me. I believe we're going to do the blog here a little bit differently now. Either one of us can log on and give our two cents worth anytime rather than both of us at the same time or else, you know? It'll just be easier. And there's no format to speak of. This was intended to be a quick update of what's going on. Instead, I'll take as long or short as I want to. Janice is free to do what she wants, too.

So... one thing I can say I'm proud of is that I've been hitting the gym 3 days a week, for 2 hours a session, doing cardio and weights since May. I've run into health issues, like a return visit from Cal the Kidney Stone, that stalled things for a week or two, but other than that I've been very faithful to my regimen. I would dare say I'm in the best shape of my life, or at least so my wife tells me. Janice has been going to, more like five days a week, three days for weights and five of them she does cardio. The pounds are falling off her at this point, as her and Alexandra have joined TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), a cheaper, more realistic alternative to Weight Watchers etc. So far, Janice has dropped 9 pounds in her 2 weeks, and Alexandra is down 3. Lex, of course, has less to lose, thus her weight will come off slower, and it may be a bit more of a tough road for her, but she's determined. Both will go back to taekwondo sooner than later. I won't be going back though, my TKD days are over.

I do have my eye out for jobs, as I'm only kind of satisfied what I'm doing. It's rather limiting, really. My wages aren't going to go anywhere and it's actually quite redundant, but, it's a job. And I like my co-workers. But there's that nagging feeling that there's gotta be more to work life than this. Still, it's a day job, Monday to Friday, with all my weekends off.

I guess I'm not going to make this an epic post, but there is something I want to address before I sign off. I got an e-mail from a watchful bro of mine, looking out for his kid brother, but the e-mail came with a warning from Microsoft saying that it may contain a harmful message. Boy, were they right! Not a virus or anything, but it's an article from, a health group in the States that, in my own humble opinion, is a bit shady and rather alarmist, bordering on health terrorists in some instances, like the following. Maybe that's why Microsoft warned me of it. Here is the link. It won't do anything to your PC or Mac.

Anyway, after reading that, I was like, "holy shit!! How long have I been ill or dead now??" I've had this love affair with Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper for something like 20 years! My wife even longer, if you include the wretched Diet Coke. And my ex boss/good friend Donnie Goguen drinks more diet pop than you could possibly imagine. TRUST me on that. I'm serious. So.... why, if any of this stuff is true, are we still here? And healthier than ever?! Or wait, maybe the clock is ticking.... any day now we're gonna keel over! See, that's the point. That's what these sites and so-called doctors try to incite with their frivolous claims: Fear, so that you buy into their schemes. Literally. Often with this Mercola crap, you'll find towards the end of an article, "just buy my book" or something similar to get the rest of the story.

I decided to do some research of my own from the much more reliable and reputable, and found a wealth of info countering the claims in that link:

Aspartame and the Internet
The following letter appeared in The Lancet on 3 July 1999. It is reproduced here with the permission of the publishers of this respected journal.
Sir - Patients at our diabetes clinic have raised concerns about information on the internet about a link between the artificial sweetener aspartame and various diseases. Our research revealed over 6000 web sites that mention aspartame, with many hundreds alleging aspartame to be the cause of multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosis, Gulf War Syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain tumours, and diabetes mellitus, among many others. Virtually all of the information offered is anecdotal, from anonymous sources and is scientifically implausible.
Aspartame, a dipeptide composed of phenylalanine and aspartic acid linked by a methyl ester bond, is not absorbed, and is completely hydrolysed in the intestine to yield the two constituent amino acids and free methanol. Opponents of aspartame suggest that the phenylalanine and methanol so released are dangerous. In particular, they assert that methanol can be converted to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, and thus cause metabolic acidosis and neurotoxicity. Although a 330 ml can of aspartame-sweetened soft drink will yield about 20 mg methanol, an equivalent volume of fruit juice produces 40 mg methanol, and an alcoholic beverage about 60-100 mg. The yield of phenylalanine is about 100 mg for a can of diet soft drink, compared with 300 mg for an egg, 500 mg for a glass of milk, and 900 mg for a large hamburger (1). Thus, the amount of phenylalanine or methanol ingested from consumption of aspartame is trivial, compared with other dietary sources. Clinical studies have shown no evidence of toxic effects and no increase in plasma concentrations of methanol, formic acid, or phenylalanine with daily consumption of 50 mg/kg aspartame (equivalent to 17 cans of diet soft drink daily for a 70 kg adult) (1, 2).
The anti aspartame campaign purports to offer an explanation for illnesses that are prominent in the public eye. By targeting a manufactured chemical agent, and combining this with pseudo-science and selective reporting, the campaign makes complex issues deceptively simple. Sensational web site names (eg, grab the browser's attention and this misinformation is also widely disseminated via chat groups and chain e-mail.
People consult the internet about medical issues for various reasons and many users regard online sources as being authoritative and valid. The medical profession has a role in teaching our patients to be discriminating consumers of the information offered there.
Anthony Zehetner, Mark McLeanDepartment of Endocrinology, Westmead Hospital,Sydney NSW 2145, Australia
Aspartame. In: Gelman C R, Rumack B H, Hess A J, eds. DRUGDEX® System. Englewood, Colorado: MICROMEDEX, 1998. Edition expires 1999.
Anon. ADA position statement: use of noncaloric sweeteners. Diabetes Care 1991.

OUCH. Now that's harsh. Lay the smackdown on Merc's candy ass why don't you!

Anyway there's more, if you care to read, here, here, and perhaps most entertainingly from Time magazine here.

Now excuse me while I get my can of decaf Diet Pepsi before bed.

Good night.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Reign

It's been a while, hasn't it? I lie here in bed on the first day of August, officially about 28 minutes into it. My wife lays beside me and we're enjoying a nice breeze from the side to side motion of the fan, as it quells the damp, humid air in our room lit up subtley by a deskside lamp while Lisa LaFlamme gives us the news on TV. Squirt is in her room, attempting sleep. Marbles the kittycat is milling about, probably looking for his brother. Janice just informs me that it was three years ago to this day that Lexy broke her arm at Centennial Park, throwing our lives into a virtual tailspin for the months ahead as she developed a terrible infection from the compound fracture she suffered. Many nights were spent at the hospital over the next several weeks. Today, it's a different story; everyone's healthy and happy, despite a rain-soaked summer. Likely the worst summer weatherwise I've experienced in my lifetime, but considering how things were three years ago, I'd say it was just fine.

Did this year EVER start out tricky. I had a bad cold, got over it, then very quickly got a worse cold, followed by a sinus infection, then wisdom tooth was pulled- followed by a resulting dry socket, Easter week saw me develop kidney stones again, then a cracked root in a tooth that had to get pulled, and a sinus problem leaving me concurrently with the sensation of having my ear plugged constantly. For two months. But, that's cleared up this week. It sure is nice having complete health again, for the first time this year...knock on wood.

I've been training at the YMCA very faithfully now since May, doing weights and cardio three days a week, two hours a shot. I'll walk on a treadmill for 5 minutes, then run for 25; then I'll do weights, working my arms, chest, back, abs and legs, and stretch out after I'm done. Janice does her own thing too, which she'll explain to you. I feel good, but I have a ways to go before anyone might actually be able to spot a difference in me I think. Sleep has been better since I've been doing this. I'm very, very proud of Janice, for working out hard just about every day. Alexandra also goes and trains.

Speaking of Lex, it's been kind of a humdrum summer for her. We can't afford to send her to any camps or anything, and there aren't many kids around the neighbourhood. A lot of her time is spent hanging around the house, and I find that a bit heartbreaking. She has been going to the pool lately in the afternoons though. It's the last year for that pool before it's torn down and a baseball training building is built, as far as I know. Kiwanis ballpark is being rebuilt also, so there are no ballgames going on there for the first time since I can ever remember.

The workfront is stable. I get along fine with all my coworkers, and the conditions there are better than they were, but the pay just isn't there. The hours are good. It's all days, Monday to Friday, no weekends and holidays, although vacation pay is included in every payday instead of the 4% being put aside. So that sucks. I've got my eye out for something better, but I'm not optimistic.

Despite the weather, so far summer has gone well. Much of our days is consumed by work, then the gym, then cooking, followed by finally unwinding. That's the weekdays. The weekends we'll head out to the cottage and be with the Cook side of the family, where everyone always has a good time together. The weather hasn't allowed us an opportunity to have any beach time at all, though. Not one day. But, we have each other and that's good enough.

I've made a couple of new friends over the last little while, one of which we're trying to give a hand to. She's in a terrible situation, but not one that can't be rectified with a little attention from someone who cares, which the three of us are. She will get back on her feet again, because we won't let anything else happen to her. God knows she deserves a break. The other friend of mine is a woman who makes me smile ear to ear quite constantly. We can never have enough of those. I've also gotten back in touch with an old school friend of mine, from all the way back in, maybe, grade 1. It's amazing how much lives change and what paths they follow. I've even been in touch with a friend of mine from way back in grade 7, whose name is Larry. His mom passed away recently, and I went to pay my respects at her viewing. I spoke briefly with Larry and I was so heartened to hear how well he's doing. He sounded optimistic, but morose over his mother's passing, of course.

There's more to talk about, but I'll let this do for the time being. In the morning or afternoon, Janice will give her take on things. For now, we'll put this one to record.

Talk to you soon.

Janice says:

Well it has been a while since we have done a blog. I have been doing pretty good at work with all that is going on. I look forward to the weekends. On our days off we make the most of the time we get together. I do as Mike said kind of fell bad for Lex. Her friend that she spends most of her time with have not been around a lot at all. I hope that will change for the rest of summer. Vacation coming up soon. I am only taking one week this year because of the work situation. I have been going to the gym almost every day. I do at least 45 minutes on the treadmill. I also do some weights 3 days a week. I have to do this seeing as I do not do taekwondo at the time being. I am hoping that the fall will let me go back to it. We will see. I do know one thing, Lex needs to go back. I think she needs the discipline. I do as well for that matter.

The summer is half over and we have had what two or three really nice days. I think this is it forth summer now one nice day and then three or four of rain. Oh well I guess we have to make the best of it. Well it is time to shove off for the day as we are off to the gym.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

To be, or not to be?

I don't know. Should we keep going with this?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Well today was an interesting day, not so much for what happened but for how things worked out.  I got up this morning to send Lexy to school and took a nap for a bit after she left.  I got up a bit later to go to the store to get a loaf of bread so as to make Mike lunch for when he came home.  It is always nice when I get to see him at lunch.  I went to the Y after he left for my workout. I try to do this at least 3 times a week.  I am really starting to get into it I guess. I really only like going to the Y with Mike and Alexandra but on wednesdays I have to go by myself.  After the Y I went to Alexandras school to talk to the VP who accused Lexy of stealing.  i asked her to apologize to alexandra and I felt that she gave a real apology. I was satisfied with it and I think that she really did seem apologetic.  Alexandra was very uncomfortable with me being there but ut  had to be done .  I went to work from there and it was a very uneventful evening to say the least. That brings me to now I am about to go to sleep. I work day shift tomorrow and i just might be going to the Y in the evening.   Time to shove off night all.  


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Janice says:

Well, it is now 10:38pm and we are in bed watching the Red Sox play the Yankees.  I hope they kick there butts.  It is raining outside and tonight was not a great night for me.  I hate the rain because I ache so much.  Such is life though, just pop a few Tylenol and on we go.  We did not go to the Y tonight.  Mike took a nap and Lexy and I went to the grocery store and got stuff for a taco salad.  Yum Yum.  I got to the bottom of the troubles for my breathing mask this afternoon.  Am I ever glad I have blue cross!  I have a new mask to wear at night and it cost $245.00.  I would love to know what the markup is on them.  I will be using it as soon as the cold goes away.  Work was not that busy today and I had an ok day.  Lexy came  to work and came with me to VitalAir to get to the bottom of my issues.  We  walked up to the city hospital and walked back home.  The big garbage clean up night is tonight and we did not put too much out for it, but we did get rid of Lexy's old bed.  I guess we will wait till we move to get rid of all the excess junk.  With that I will let Mike take over and do his blog so we can watch the game then go to sleep.  Night all.


not a bad sleep last night i guess, but janice said i snored like an army of chainsaws overnight; i guess neither one of us is safe from that... the day was kind of a slow one for work, as the first two or three days of the week usually are; the issue with perc is still ongoing as i'm waiting for information to be forwarded to us; today the perc didn't really cause any problems, but i did get a recurrence of my dying tooth problems, where i got the tremendously sharp pain in the root of an upper molar i'm waiting for root canal surgery for on july 7... came home and laid down promptly as my back was bugging me some, though not as much as it has been; i'm cautiously optimistic about recovery, but it's taking an awfully long time compared to past episodes; janice and lexy made supper and when i got up, we ate and watched 'wwe raw', then an old original 'star trek' episode that i never saw before called 'the cage', which was the pilot for the original series that never aired on tv before, when shatner wasn't yet cast as captain kirk; we're really looking forward to seeing 'star trek' at the theatre this saturday night, while lexy and her bud courtney go watch the 'hannah montana' movie... boston's up 5-3 as i type this over the evil empire, so i'll sign off with that.  on deck:  back to the y for another weight/cardio workout, plus whatever fate throws our way.

Monday, May 4, 2009


wow, bit of a rough sleep last night, going to bed kind of late and getting to sleep a lot later than i wanted, waking up five hours later while janice suffered bouts of coughing fits overnight... worked my first 7-3:30 shift today and it flew by; i think it's going to be nice -- the investigation on the perc chemical is moving forward, though... janice got off work at the same time i did, lex went to her friend's house then came home, and we all went to the y for a workout; i did my first cardio/weight training in a long time, even though my back's still bugging me; janice did her cardio, and lex did her complete program; came home and barbecued chicken for supper... lex bought some songs and videos on itunes via a gift card she got from her friend courtney for her birthday; she was off to bed then it was time for another rockin' episode of 24, which we're near the end of the season for now; bon jovi announced for the hill today with cummings and bachman--what a colossal disappointment.  on deck:  work and school as usual, perhaps a cardio day at the y, not sure what else just yet.

Janice says:

Well yup, we did go to the Y and we did sweat.  I had  a great workout, I felt good about all the calories I burned and it was sure cute seeing Lexy go around the gym and do all of her training as well she has only been waiting for about a year or so to be able to do it.  Work was busy today and I was hopping.  When I was done Mike picked me up and we brought all the rest of the pop we purchased home.  We watched 24 tonight and wow, what an episode it was.  A few times I was like "holy shit, what the f**k?"  Hopefully I will not cough to much tonight and keep Mike up.  Tomorrow I have an appointment at VitalAir to see if I can get to the bottom of the mask thing for my breathing machine.  We will see.  Time for bed.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


slept in this morning due to going to church saturday instead this week, although i woke up with a tremendously sore back that had me thinking i made no progress at all... the three of us went to shoppers drug mart and stocked up on 710ml six packs of diet pepsi, collecting something like 240 bottles of the stuff thanks to janice having $100 worth of sdm gift cards she earned from her boss for doing such a fantastic job at running the store's post office; that's my wife!!... came home, and i got horizontal for the afternoon to try to stave off any further complications with my friggin' back; it's making me increasingly frustrated; janice and alexandra proceeded to fix up lexy's room in anticipation of the arrival of her new bed at the end of the week... had chicken wings and homemade fries for supper, did more investigating about the chemical exposure at work, and we got a visit from old pal/boss donnie goguen, who dropped off a big load of bottles for alexandra and chatted with us for awhile -- don's business is going extremely well and is going to lift off into orbit by the end of the year from the sounds of what he and his partners have planned... the three of us watched the amazing race tonight; i'm disappointed my black beauties aren't in the final 3, but it's shaping up to be a good finale next week... the news is on, and an overworked janice is ready to take over the station.  on deck:  starting the 7-3:30 shifts for the summer, janice works daytime, lex has school, and hopefully back to the y for some sweating.

Janice says:

Well it has been a busy day with all of the cleaning in Lexy's room.  We were at it for, oh let me say, probably 3 and 1/2 hours.  I am beat.  I did the laundry and I did some other random cleaning in the house.  The Y was out today so we could concentrate on Lexy's room.  We will be going back tomorrow night and getting down to some business.  As Mike was saying I am working the day shift tomorrow and I am looking forward to coming home and relaxing.  It was a beautiful day and it looks like it will be even nicer tomorrow.  Bring on the nice weather. Time for bed.  Night all.



all three of us had a fairly decent sleep last night; got up and after a little bit we all headed out on the town, first to champlain place to look for a bed for alexandra; checked out sears there, walked around the mall a bit and then went to sears on trinity drive, and found a nice single bed for the munchkin; most certainly an upgrade for her that she very much deserves.  went from there to costco and got a few things, then went home... got ready for church, then went, and alexandra wound up serving though it's fairly unusual for altar servers to show up on saturday evidently; from there, we went home and then lex and janice went to the y for cardio then swimming, and i went to pete's place in riverview to jam out some music ideas.  it was a fruitful session; we got a lot of stuff done.  came home and the three of us had spaghetti, watched tv a little and now here we are in bed with snl on tv.  on deck:  fixing up alexandra's room, getting it ready for her new bed arriving on friday.

Janice says:

Well Lex and I went to the Y and we did a bit of sweating.  We then went into the pool and spent some time in the therapy pool.  I sure do like that therapy pool, it is some relaxing.  I think we may take tomorrow off and go back on Monday.  I am looking forward  to sleeping in tomorrow morning.  When we get up we will be doing a pop run at shoppers drug mart.  Diet Pepsi is on sale for $2.22 for a six pack of 710ml bottles.  We will be stocking up.  It is a two day sale so we have to get there early because a lot of customers will be out as well.  Lex is looking forward to redoing her room and getting her new bed.  She won't have to worry about falling out of her bed anymore at least.  Anyway time for bed.  Night all.


Saturday, May 2, 2009


got a question--anyone reading this?  no way to know besides comments and no one posts any besides sweetheart friend cindy... not a bad day; sleep has been better since janice sleeps sitting up a bit, she sleeps far more soundly, although sometimes i get up with headaches; i'm suspicious of the perc chemical at work... and at work it was busy; my pal darren is getting a dangerously slim amount of sleep, due to the loss of his wife that he's having trouble getting over, logically; got a 'dcm' brand speaker from buddy marshall to try out, as there's a pair of speakers that he's selling that i'm looking to buy for djing gigs; chatted with anothe coworker glen with marshall for a while after work... came home and napped a bit while lex and janice went to the y to do some exercise, and lexy had her trainer appointment to set up a workout to keep her fit for the next wrestling season at school; she's getting antsy about getting a new bed, which we'd love to provide for her but it's tough with our $$ situation... had a chicken supper, then we watched wwe smackdown and then the news.  on deck:  due for a jam with buddy pete, possibly might go to church today instead of sunday morning.

Janice says:

Well it was an ok day at work.  It was pretty busy just not crazy busy.  Lex and I went to the Y and we did  30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the bikes.  She had her trainer appointment and I decided to do my weight program and some more treadmill work.  I ended up doing another 45 minutes of speed walking on the treadmill.  I really like the fact that Lex can go to the Y and get in  the gym without us.  I guess if Mike goes to Pete's house tomorrow I may go with him we will see.  Maybe Lex and I will go to the Y.  Time will tell. Chow for now.


Thursday, April 30, 2009


got up today after a bit of a struggle overnight, getting up at around 5 in the morning with el gigantor of a headache after a crazy dream about being in a dark hospital for an operation; got back to sleep in less than an hour, only to wake up again shortly after 7 for work.  in spite of that, the sleep was good, with janice finally finding meds for her cold she can take, and she slept sitting up in bed without making a sound... work was very busy; in the last 48 hours, i've investigated a chemical used there called 'perc' for dry cleaning, and was stunned at what i unearthed; i'm now actively checking out my options for both my safety and what i might be able to find for a different job, while i possibly appeal to other co-workers and management about health concerns... co-worker marshall came over with his electrician friend joel, and checked out our electrical at the house to eventually give us an idea what it will cost to get the house rewired with a new panel; marshall himself will do construction work around the house to get it up to snuff for resale, hopefully sometime in the fall... alexandra has a four day weekend, with thursday to sunday off; she's been going to the y every day for cardio training... had a very delicious steak dinner tonight made by me on the bbq, then the three of us watched survivor, did some more perc research and now it's bedtime.  on deck:  more perc research, and whatever comes our way after work.

Janice says:

Yup, I finally found some meds for my cold and they work pretty good, but does it ever make me tired.  I was fairly busy at work today because of income tax deadline.  I can not believe how many people wait till the last minute.  I guess if you know you owe money, why give it up until you absolutely have to, right?  Lex came to see me at work today and they put her to work in the cosmetics department.  We have a spring Gala in that department on Sunday and she packed up the gift bags that they give out as gifts.  Well with spring clean up this coming week, we will be doing some cleaning this weekend.  Well time for sleep.  Night all.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


it was a lousy sleep last night for both janice and me, as janice has come down with a cold and it's making her snoring issues even worse; we didn't get a whole lot of rest as a result... work was rather slow today; staff got news that beginning next week, our hours will be 7-3:30 instead of the current 8-4:30, for the summertime; our vacation will be booked for the week of august 10, and we may try to take in a game or two at fenway in boston during that time, but not sure if we can afford it; time off will at least be nice... suffered a 'perc headache' at work today, got another jolt from my errant tooth and my back acted up today; healthwise it wasn't the best day... janice didn't do that well either, with the onset of her cold, the first few days being the worst of it; she came home shortly after i got home, and lex was home, and we brought lex to the y to do some cardio while jan and me went to sobeys to get some things for a casserole that we had for supper... watched the rest of a wwe pay per view, then wwe raw, and now the sox are on tv as the night is winding down.  on deck:  BELL GETS THE HEAVE-HO, aliant comes in to hookup, janice works 5-9.

Janice says:

I am looking forward to Aliant to come in to the house tomorrow.  I will be proudly calling Bell for the boxes to send their stuff back.  We have been waiting for Aliant to come out with their version of a pvr and they have, so good bye bell.  I have a cold so, tonight I am going to sleep kind of sitting up so as not to snore as much.  Last night I guess I snored a lot and I kept Mike up most of the night.  It was a beautiful day out, not that I got to see any of it.  I worked till 5pm  today. Tomorrow I only work 5 till 9pm.  Time for the weather got to go to watch it and then try to get some sleep.  Night all.


Monday, April 27, 2009


Janice says:

It was a fairly quiet day at work and I was actually able to read a few chapters in the Bret Hart autobiography.  What a good read, I have a hard time putting it down when I really get going.  I am probably about 3/4 of the way through it.  I would recommend it to anyone.  It has been a rough 24 hours or so for me.  I was not feeling all that great last night and I feel a bit like shit at the moment.  I do believe I may have the onset of a cold coming on.  Oh well what can you do when you live in a shoe?  We move on, that's what we do.  I am about to go to bed and try to sleep some of the rotten feeling off.  Lex and I went to the Y tonight and we did a 1/2 hour sweat session on the tread mill.  I am going to try to bring her to the Y at least 3 or 4 times a week.  I have to do something and she can help me by coming with me.  K, time for me to hit the sheets--night all.


the wife isn't feeling the best, so she had the first go of it tonight to get 'er done.  sleep's been tough lately, and i believe it has to do with changing our bedroom around.  for most of the past 10 years, it's been the same, and the change is a bit jarring to our mindsets.  work was a typical monday today, pretty blah and let's-get-it-over-with type.  had a ham and swiss on kaiser for lunch... came home and lex was doing her homework, janice came home shortly after and then her and lex headed out to the y, and i stayed back and then cooked supper on the barby when they got home, chicken potatoes and veggies.  the three of us watched most of wwe backlash except for the end, lex went to bed and we took in another episode of 24, i witnessed my bosox win their 11th in a row now possibly tying for 1st, and my sick wifey headed to bed ahead of me while the news started and barked about the 'murderous' flu coming out of mexico.  BE AFRAID.  cnn demands it.  on deck:  not a lot...more work, more school, same stuff and nothing special.


after watching the sox come back and beat the yanks friday night, went to bed and woke up saturday relatively early due to noisey neighbours; janice headed out to sdm to get lexy's gift, thanks in large part to her mom lending us optimum points, and i headed to the farmers market to get some goodies from nick the dutch baker in the form of sausage rolls, dream cakes and almond cookies; lexy's friend court spent the weekend here, and when i came home, janice, me, court and another of lexy's, jordan, and lexy of course went to crystal palace, where we staged her little birthday, getting each kid a bracelet, including sabrina who showed up a little later, and they spent the afternoon on rides having fun and playing games... the kids came home and i barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs on a beautiful warm and sunny day where we took out the patio furniture and had the kids eat outside on the deck while they also played in the yard; lexy got her third birthday cake and her wii present, and as all the kids except court headed out, lex and court went swimming at the ymca for the evening... they came home and they played the brand new wii game, and janice and me even tried, having some fun with the tennis, baseball, boxing and bowling features on it that actually make you move as if you were really playing the sport.  then it was bedtime as court was being picked up early sunday morning....... sunday morning came, court left and we slept a little longer until it was time to get up for mass; we went to church, the three of us rather groggy, and janice served host and lex served the altar; all the kids and even adults up there seemed a little tired this morning... came home and while lex played her wii, janice and me napped; woke up and we took off to friends pete and doriane's place where pete and me hashed out music ideas, while pete's kid spencer and lexy chummed around and doriane and janice conversed and shared wine... came home close to 9 and we opted to get diangelo's pizza from up the road where we live, as we'd heard about how it's good and relatively unknown; turns out the 'word' is more than true - best take out pizza we've had in a while, and we'll be getting it again; the three of us watched the amazing race, entertaining again, then tuned into another red sox vs yankees game, where my sox took the third game and a sweep.  bedtime now, janice had some digestive problems late in the night and now we're in bed, and she'll chime in tomorrow.  on deck:  start of another work week and lex back to school, nothing on the agenda just yet.

Friday, April 24, 2009


a rough sleep last night was followed by a reasonable day at work, though somewhat of a stress-laden situation persists there that i don't believe has a remedy to it; hard to not be pessimistic... went to get janice at her work after her day shift was done and we went home, and as i played all headachey, janice handled a second meeting from 'monavie' reps, effectively shooing them away for good; monavie is a pyramid-schemed sham no one should have anything to do with... lexy and courtney went to the movies tonight with court's mom lisa; in the meantime, janice and me took the car to canadian tire to change the winter tires to all seasons, while we had baconator combos from wendys across the street; baconbaconbeef, baconbeef... came home to watch a ball game on tv, still going on with the sox relief pitcher throwing balls everywhere but the strike zone, with lex and court downstairs in bed as the night nears the end.  on deck:  lex doesn't know it, but she's getting a wii for her birthday, for whom we're throwing a party at crystal palace with a few friends; court's staying over again tomorrow night; we'll take whatever comes at us tomorrow evening.

Janice says:

Baconbaconbeef baconbeef  That was a good supper.  I really enjoyed it and when I have my open heart surgery I hope you all come to visit.  Ha ha ha.  I cant wait to see the look on Lexy's face when she gets her gift.  She will be some excited.  A weekend off and it is supposed to be really nice.  Wow I cant believe it!  What a baseball game going on on tv at the moment.  Cross your fingers folks, let's see Boston kick New York's ass.  Time to watch the game... Night all.


Thursday, April 23, 2009


a relaxing night tonight as alexandra, janice and me headed out to costco and got a few groceries, then came back and janice cooked a lovely chicken fajita supper for us; we then kicked back and watched an episode of 'survivor' that renewed my faith in the show with a holy shit moment to end it... the day was fairly quick at work with a busy shift; janice worked the daytime, lexy of course at school; felt a little antsy at work and somewhat anxious though... looking forward to a decent sleep tonight hopefully, after janice was a bit unvoluntarily noisy last night.  on deck:  lexy goes to the movies, then comes home with her friend courtney who's staying over this weekend, hopefully take in a ballgame, might get the tires changed.

Janice says:

Well supper was good if I say so myself.  I do not cook all too often, but when I do I am glad that Mike and Lex like it.  I am looking forward to it being 4pm tomorrow because of a two day weekend.  I can not wait till I have my appointment with VitalAir so as to have a new mask for my breathing machine.  Mike is having a tough time dealing with my snoring.  I am having a rough time sleeping as well.  Survivor was really good tonight and I am digging it.  I was so happy to see Tyson go and next get rid of the asshole himself Coach. He is such a pompous ass!  The sooner he is gone the better. There is not much else on tv at the moment for programs that we watch.  It is going to be a long spring time with no programs for us to watch.  Oh well what can you do?  Well time for the news.  Night all.



it was a reasonably good birthday for alexandra today, being only part of it really, as she was treated to one of her favorite meals as well as a s'mores birthday cake, and janice and me gave her a custom made pillow case (we'll have to supply a pic for anyone interested) and miley cyrus's bio book; my super-kind brother rick and his lady may gave her $20, her friend courtney gave her a $15 itunes card, her grandma gave her $20, friend greg gave her $15, and that's the start, as on the weekend she gets her party along with a couple of friends, where we give her THE gift... work was better today, there was more to do; i'd be lying if i didn't say i was a bit bored with my job though, and yearning to make more $$, but in these troubled times i'll take what i have... janice worked the daytime today; it seems her new worker she hired is working out fine, which means more time home with her hubby and munchkin... lexy hit the ymca gym for the first time, since now she's 13, and she and janice went there and did some cardio training; i can't just yet as my back is still tender... sleep wasn't bad last night - we got to bed earlier and slept quite well; i'm still taking anti inflammatories for my back, but shelved the muscle relaxants, where i'm not a big fan of taking many pills.  on deck:  janice works the day, as well as me, maybe lex and janice will go to the gym again.

Janice says:

It was good day today Lex was happy with her gifts and she was some excited for the money she got.  I went to the gym with squirt and she was so happy to be aloud to into the gym and not worry about anyone asking her age it was funny. I fully intend on making her and I sweat. We both ned it with no TKD at all lately. Time for sleep more tomorrow night. Night all.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


sore back again when i woke up this morning, but gradually getting better; we all headed to work or school and got on with our day... work was kind of a drag, with not a lot to do which makes time crawl; cut out early though at 2:30 for my appointment with the mad scientist who checked out my teeth to try to find out which one was causing problems; it would appear now we know, as now i have a root canal (JOY) scheduled for july 7... got some things at rinzlers (where i ran into my old buddy wayne) and came home to cook up a casserole with janice while lex did her homework; we're plotting a small birthday gathering with lexy and a few friends this weekend, but it's really her birthday tomorrow; we'll get her a cake and a little gift for the time being, before giving her a bigger gift on the weekend... finally made a disc for the car with these titles on it:  sometime around midnight, life in technicolour 2, love hurts, comin' home, glass of water, stars, rusty cage, drive my soul, #1 crush, federal pen, something in your mouth, troublemaker, ladies and gentlemen, being here, i love you, the times they are a changin', the sound of silence, all along the watchtower, hold tight, and chick habit.  on deck:  hump day, and lexy's birthday!  might bring her to the gym for the first time, and not the last; we'll see what else.

Janice says:
K take two. I hit a button and the first couple of lines they went into oblivian.  Lexy's birthday tomorrow.  I am anxious for the end of the day to give her a small cake and a small gift.  All kids love it when they get more than one cake and this year it will be that way for her. It looks like Court and Jordan for the birthday at Crystal Palace so far, we will see if Sabrina can come tomorrow.  It is going to be a really nice weekend I guess.  Cindy Day says we may be getting +21 on saturday and sunday.  Oh please let us have it.  Did a bit of tidying up and now we are in bed.  Time to relax. Night all.


Monday, April 20, 2009


pretty sore getting out of bed today; showering was a lot more challenging than it usually is thanks to the back problems; talk about a rough go of it... janice worked till 5 today, and alexandra came home early from school because she fell on her arm and was having a rough time with it; queen elizabeth school doesn't have a nurse there so no one looked after her, and janice called and insisted she come home; after some debate between her and the staff at school, she did... was sore today at work - i just about told them that i couldn't take it anymore and that i have to go home, but, i stuck it out; it was a long, long day... came home after work to find my old friend natalie waiting for me, with her main man phil; they came in and we all chatted for a little while, as she's home visiting her ailing mother... after they'd left, i stretched out on the couch for a bit because my back was sore and stiff, and no sooner did i do that than did our church friend show up with two others, and as it all turned out, it was nothing more than a pitch to get involved in a pyramid scheme called 'monavie', some kind of snake oil thing; needless to say, i'm not interested in the least... we ate soup tonight for a quick fix, then lex was off to bed and we watched another intriguing episode of '24', and now it's just about bedtime.  on deck:  going to see a orthodontist about checking nerves in my teeth to find out which one's been giving me grief, beyond that, hopefully more rest for this nagging back injury of mine.

Janice says:

Well to say the least I was not to impressed with the thought of  entertaining a few people to have them pitch us starting up selling Monavie.  I would like to know what the church would think about them using our names to give us the pitch about this stuff, I think is what Mike said, and I would like to know?  Mike has had a rough evening with his back and all.  I wish I could help. I had a fairly decent day at work.  It was not too terribly busy.  I had lots to do though, I only work till 2pm tomorrow.  Lex and I have to make some birthday invitations tomorrow afternoon.  We are going to bring her and a few of her friends to Crystal Palace and let them run around for a few hours.  We will have to feed those monsters afterwards.  I believe that we are doing her birthday on Saturday afternoon.  I still have a hard time thinking she is going  to be 13 years old.  How wild is that? Well, I guess it is time for bed.  Night all.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


well, this morning i slept right into 11am, which means no church; janice took the liberty to let me sleep in, not that that was a bad idea since i couldn't really hardly move once it came time to actually get up; my back got worse, to the point where i could only take baby steps... i made the decision, or maybe really janice did, to see a doctor this afternoon yet again; i've seen more doctors for more different things this year than the whole decade i think; anyway, he told me point blank that i shouldn't work for a week - when i said that wasn't possible, he said at least wednesday; i was prescribed anti inflammatories and muscle relaxants that are all supposed to lay me out, so work's gonna be tricky to say the least... came home after that and napped awhile; janice made supper and woke me up and we all ate; more relaxing ensued, and the three of us watched a pretty entertaining 'amazing race'; now we're all in bed, and the good wife and me are waiting for the news.  on deck:  a tricky week at work, a church person is coming over for an opinion on something, janice works all days this week, which im glad for.

Janice says:

Well, I did bring Mike to the doctor because he could barely move and I was worried about maybe him having a slipped disk or a pinched nerve, and I was wrong I am glad for that.  I am glad that I was wrong but I sure do not like seeing him in that much pain for so long.  He has had a rotten year so far and I sure hope that it gets better soon.  I am really curious about this lady coming over to the house tomorrow night from church.  I would like to know what it is that she wants our opinion  on.  I do believe I may be going to the school to talk yo the VP about the accusation of Lexy stealing Megan's stuff.   It was a nice day out today, I hope it continues like this and only gets warmer from there, but be warned... mother nature can be cruel.  I am sure we will be getting more snow.  The only saving grace is that it will not stay for any length of time.  Anyway, time for the news and then sleep.  Night all.



bit of an odd sleep last night, couldn't really pass out until about 3:30 because of a long evening nap; trick is i had to wake up early to pick up squirt... was up at 8, janice went to work for the day and i had to go to the church to pick up alexandra after her participation in thinkfast, where she was one of the best earners for the fundraiser, if not the best; came home and showered after that, shaved and bent down to pick something up and my back went way out, major pain, and it's stuck with me since, gotten worse in fact; so that's the new crazy malady i now have to face down... went to the farmers market anyway; we got some stuff from nick the dutch baker and came home; boy it was some fun getting in and out of the car and walking around, i'll tell you... briefly stopped home to get pop for janice at work and ran into sister cindy, who honored her donation pledge dropping off $20 for alexandra; brought janice her tea and treats from the baker and promptly came home and took meds and rested; attempted to master the vinyl to mp3 turntable software and just got frustrated after an hour plus of effort; got up from the chair i was working on it with and realized my back froze up even more... janice came home, we relaxed for a bit and i made homemade burgers on the barbecue; back just never got any better.  on deck:  a whole lot of nothing to try to get over this before i have to go back to work.

Janice says:

It was a long day at work, it was extremely slow.  The whole store was slow though not just us. It is a bit odd when you think about it because it is a 15x bonus points weekend.  Anyway, I came home to find Mike in bed relaxing with an extremely sore back and resting.  I really think he should see a doctor, but at the same time I understand why he may not want to because he has had so many things wrong as of late.  I just worry and I would like to know if there is something seriously wrong.  I know that tomorrow he will be relaxing so as to give his back a lot more rest before work on Monday.  The count down is on for Lex and her birthday.  Only three days.  I am not sure if Mike will be going to church, but I will more than likely be going.  Time for bed, night all.



Saturday, April 18, 2009


after a reasonable sleep, got home from work a bit early today after things were done early; came home and janice and lexy arrived shortly thereafter, then after trying big mac snackwraps, we sent her to st bernard's church for her thinkfast retreat, where she raised $83 for the poor thanks to family; at the church, she discovered she wasn't allowed her nintendo ds or ipod, amenities that aren't afforded to starving people abroad, so it could be a challenge for her... janice and me promptly came home and went to bed since we're so drained and slept the evening away.  on deck:  janice works tomorrow 9-5, i pick up alexandra at church at 8:30am, maybe go to the farmers market and visit nick the dutch baker for some goodies, we'll take what comes in the pm.

Janice says:

What a relaxing night we had.  We sent Lex to church and just relaxed in bed only to fall asleep and sleep for 3 hours or so.  It feels weird to be able to sleep in the evening and to relax .  We so do not often get to do that.  One more day of work and then Sunday off.  Lex has a birthday coming up this week and it should be a good week for her.  I am hoping for some nice weather soon. I want summer to arrive now.  Could someone please call mother nature to ask for sunny hot weather.  Time for some more sleep and relaxing.  Good night all.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


busy day today at work, after a moderately good night of sleep; work was very steady; janice worked a day shift till 3 before she walked lexy to edith cavell school for a wrestling meet, at which i joined them after work, where alexandra won silver for her weight division against opponents that were all bigger than her - janice and me are two extremely proud parents.  courtney, lexy's friend, also won silver in her division.  the meet was l o n g... about five hours, even though our kid only fought twice... came home after that around 9 and cooked spaghetti and garlic bread, for the first time since before lent when we swore off red meat; watched 'survivor' and then 'iron man' on the movie network... after a quite long day it's just about bedtime.  on deck:  alexandra's got her 'thinkfast' activity tomorrow at church for the overnight with father carroll and other church folks and kids, janice and me have day shifts.

Janice says:

Well it was long, but she won silver and it was earned.  I am talking about the wrestling meet that Lex and Court had today.  We are very proud... I am tired.  I was at work all day and then at the school all evening.  It makes for a long day.  Tomorrow night Lex will be at the church for the thinkfast retreat and I think Mike and I will catch up on sleep.  Six more days till junior becomes a teen.  I can not believe it!  She has grown up so fast.  We will be celebrating her birthday the following weekend though in light of the busy weekend already.  Not much else new to talk about today so I will bid you good night.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


after a bit of a hiatus--resuming 'ragnar' duty... kidney stone and dental trouble had me missing time at work (1 day anyway) and staying overnight at the hospital last week, visited dentist yesterday to try to determine what was causing persistent intense pain that isn't related to wisdom tooth extraction; seeing a orthodontist/nerve specialist next week to try to find out... sleep is once again a rare commodity, but after making major changes cosmetically to the bedroom things should turn around... alexandra is a bit stressed from school after a 'best friend' changed schools and, on the way out, accused alexandra to the school authorities of stealing her things; the school found them today and did not apologize after accusing her; we may take action and demand it... lexy, by the way, is taking part in a 'thinkfast retreat' where she fasts for a day and overnight with friends and church folks at st bernards church, and is taking any donations to raise $$ for the poor... janice has been a saint towards me throughout my troubles - God bless her. on deck: two days till the weekend, might once again try tackling my vinyl turntable mp3 converter after a false start when mr. mac broke down after he swallowed a dental pick.

Janice says:

We are back in business on Ragnar Station. It was a few days off because of Mike being sick and all but he is on the mend now and I could not be happier.  Things are going a bit better for Lex at school except for an incident where she was accused of stealing a pencil case, a pair of sneakers and a few other small odds and ends from a girl in her class. I know Lex and I know she did not take it, but the young girl's mother is convinced it was her.  The vice principal and her teacher questioned her on Tuesday and she was pretty upset about it.  All is ok now, they found her stuff and yes, you guessed it, they did not apologize to Lex.  I am pretty disappointed in the v/p of the school  for this.  She will not be out of that school soon enough.  Things are looking up at work, I hired a lady to work in the post office.  Let's cross our fingers that everything works out well.  I am hoping anyway.  Time to get some zzzzz's.  Nighty night.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


K I do not know how to sign in to this blog site... It is Mikes job to do that but at the moment he is higher than a freaking kite half way to the moon.  Mike had a sore side tonight and suspected that it was a side effect from the drugs that he was taking for his dry socket. He called me at work to ask me what I thought it was.  I was suspicious of a kidney stone or appendicitis.  He said that he did not want to go to the hospital.  When I got home we watched the rest of wrestlemania and shortly after he put his jacket on and we went to the hospital.  He is now there and is staying overnight and in the morning going to have a CT scan to find out what kind of kidney stone he has or if it is blocked.  He was in quite a bit of pain and they pumped him with some heavy duty drugs, like Dilaudid.  Lex and I are going to go see him before I go to work in the morning to check in on him.  He is in good hands.  Lex and I felt pretty guilty just leaving him there but the only way he will get any sleep is if we left.  If anything changes overnight they will call me to let me know.  So Mike is staying home from work tomorrow if he gets out of the hospital and Lex will be the nurse for the patient (Daddy). Mike will probably chime in here when he gets home. Night all and I will keep you all up to date on Mike. 


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


it was a cold night last night, both of us waking up at various times shivering, but janice wore her cpap machine/darth janice mask and it was a better sleep than either of us have had in a bit... work was busy and uneventful; janice had a normal shift working only till 3 this time... made a broccoli casserole for supper; lex was late coming home where she actually babysat after school, and the three of us watched a little over half of 'wrestlemania'.  on deck:  janice is working 3-9, i work the usual.  not much to report today.

Janice says:

Yup it was a regular day and what a treat to only work 6 1/2 hours.  All of the work related issues should be resolved soon I think.  It has been a quiet day, really not much to report.  On deck for me is house cleaning in the morning and work in the afternoon.  I am hoping to watch the rest of wrestlemania tomorrow  night when I come home. It has been pretty good so far. The news is on as I type this and it is almost time for lights out.  Lets hope that the weather picks up in temperature a bit.  The rain is starting to get to me.  Cross your fingers. K night all.


Monday, April 6, 2009


rotten sleep last night, as the wife had a tough time with snoring issues; so did i as a result; that's two straight nights of a grand total of upwards of 4 hours of sleep each night, but we're actively looking for solutions to this problem.  woke up at 4am to find the bed empty on her side and marched downstairs and ordered her back, snoring or no snoring, as i can't sleep at all without her with me... work sure was busy today, as we have to do five days worth of work in four days this week with Easter weekend up ahead of us; janice worked an overbearing 13 hour shift today where she's still short staffed - this can't go on much longer... made chicken rice and veggies for supper and brought it to the wifey at work; lex, janice and me came home and the punkin went to bed and we watched '24', another great episode; the new characters on that show have really found their stride; bedtime is upon us.  on deck:  watching 'wrestlemania 25', a shorter work day for janice, another hectic workday at vail's.

Janice says:

Yup, it was a long day but I do not find it that hard though, believe it or not. I guess I snored a lot last night.  I know that I only have to work a short shift tomorrow but I can not help but wonder if the girl who gave her notice at work will actually show up to work her shift.  I sure hope she does.  On deck more work and a night with the family.  I look forward to being home with Lex and Mike.  Can you tell I am tired! Enough said... Ok time for bed, 'night.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


went to church this morning but left a sick little girl home, where she was sneezing her head off with the onset of a cold; it's Palm Sunday today, making for a longer mass with recital of the Passion; next week on Holy Saturday, all three of us will be serving the 6 o'clock Easter Vigil mass, with me reading, janice serving host and lex will be altar serving... came home and while janice and lex cleaned a little, i took a nap since sleep last night wasn't good at all; wife snored quite a bit and lex was up a lot of the night sniffing and sneezing; but i did wake up refreshed... we had a veggie pizza and garlic fingers from mcbuns; the pizza sucked, but the garlic fingers were good; i also bought a choc cream pie since our friend greg was supposed to come over for 'wrestlemania' but... come to find out, we try to order it and bell won't give it to us because we cancelled their service, effective april 30, because the service SUCKS, even worse than rogers, which is hard to imagine; plan b was to go see it at the theatre; that plan was scotched when we found out ticket prices, upwards of $33 A PERSON; absolutely insane, so we passed on w/m altogether... the three of us stayed home and just enjoyed one anothers' company, no tv, no nothing; i looked through my record collection to figure out which albums i'll use to get music from for the turntable mp3 player and came across some vintage pics i'd long misplace from the ancient cook days, which i'll get on facebook and get some help from the fam for some id's... amazing race isn't on this week, so we watched 'rocky III'; and here we are about to head north.  on deck:  a four day work week (hallelujah!!!), '24' logs on for another killer week, janice has another gruelling 11 hr shift.

Janice says:

Well  it was a good family day for the little Cook family. After church we (Lex and I) went to my mom's to see the family and to also let them know that Lex is out for money for a fund raiser for the church.  She will be taking part in a Thinkfast Retreat at St Bernard's Church where they will be fasting and talking about people who are starving in Africa.  It is going to take place in the basement of the church on the 18th of April.  It was a good day off even though our plans for Wrestlemania were thrown out the window.  We made the most of our time together as we usually do.  I love those times we have.  It is now late evening, the news is on and we are about to go to bed.  On deck I have a long shift again. I only have one shift like that this week I hope.  I need to hire someone to work part time evenings.  If anyone knows anybody who is looking please tell them to come in and see me. Well folks it is sleepy time. Night all.



had a quiet day here at the house today, as i woke up and we went to the moncton farmers market and i picked up some stuff from nick the dutch baker and the three of us came home, in time for janice to go to work for her 1-5 shift... lex and me chopped up some ice in the driveway which, if you've ever visited, is actually a drive-through driveway; not clear yet but getting there... came in and watched a couple of star trek films on tv; janice came home and we then shortly after ventured out to champlain mall and walked around; went to superstore to get a chicken and we had hot chicken sandwiches and fries for supper; then we watched 'the wrestler' with mickey rourke, a very good film.  on deck:  church in the morning, i'll probably play with my mp3 converting vinyl turntable, take it easy to try to put another nail in the coffin on this wisdom tooth socket trouble still plaguing me.

Janice says:

Another day is done and another weekend is almost over. Wow how time flies.  It has been a beautiful weekend out. I wish i could have enjoyed a bit more of it. Church in the  morning and one more week till red meat and it will not come soon enough. I am getting pretty tired of chicken. I think that next year I will pick something else for lent. I am working a lot of extra hours and  I think that it will be that way for a bit, till I hire someone for part time evenings and weekends.  We will see though. I am glad to see that Mike's tooth is getting better. I mean lack of a tooth.  I think that it will  get better soon.  I sure hope anyway. Well time for bed folk. Night all.


Friday, April 3, 2009


temps are getting milder in the mornings heading off to work, no defogging the car or scraping; still been tough getting through the days sometimes, especially upon awakening in the mornings when my mouth is throbbing until meds kick in around noontime... janice has been working 11 hour days the last couple of days, 8am to 7 because of staff problems, one is leaving and another is sick... tonight we had egg salad sandwiches toasted with my own recipe that rules, if i do say so myself; pretty well taking it easy tonight due to janice working all the time and me and my friggin' mouth problems... bought some songs on itunes tonight, from the 'watchmen' soundtrack: 'the times they are a changin' from bob dylan, an ost song called 'i love you', 'all along the watchtower' by hendrix, 'the sound of silence' by simon and garfunkel, and a song on the radio i like that i've heard by airborne toxic event called 'sometime around midnight'.  on deck:  lex has a swimming lesson and some y activities, janice works 1-5, day off for me, probably watch 'the wrestler' tomorrow night.  btw, previous message was april fool's dig.  no truth to it.  ;)

Janice says:

I am a working a lot, but I am getting a lot of recognition for my work and if I do say so myself, I am doing a damn good job. Ok enough of my tooting my own horn. I tell you Mike spoils me a bunch. He makes sure i have my lunch when I do these marathon shifts and he even brings me a tea and a treat for afternoon treats. What a sweetheart he is. I love him. He and Lex stayed with me at work while I finished my shift.  It was nice that they stayed with me.  It made the time go by a bit faster.  So if anyone fell for the april fools gag laughs on you. Ha Ha Ha KIDDING! I would never leave Mike. He is stuck with me for good. I have to admit it was a good one though. Time for some R and R.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

hard times

shutting down. due to loss of my job and being forced to have to move out (not knowing where yet), janice will be living at her mom's house with lex for the time being till we figure things out. we should know more hopefully tomorrow and i'll post it here.

thanks for visiting.

Mike & Janice

Monday, March 30, 2009


typing this in a bit earlier as janice heats up soup for me downstairs and i lie in bed; got out of bed today with tremendous pain in my mouth and took a shower letting warm water run on my face; helped a little... went to work and got a call from janice, who made an appointment for me to see the orthodondist again, my favorite place in the whole world; went in and they told me i had dry socket, a condition that happens when adult teeth are removed and the blood clot goes missing, exposing nerves and bone - doesn't tickle, i can attest; sprayed some kind of extremely gross tasting medicated dressing after cleaning out the wound and gave me heavy duty ibuprofen-like meds which, ironically, you have to take with food, which is next to impossible for me to do lately... very stormy day outside all day, even to this minute, with cancellations all over; lots and lots of heavy, goopy snow; people at work opted to go home early even though i didn't... came home and went to bed to try to sleep off some of the pain; janice came home after a 11 hour shift again and now we're about to eat, or in my case try to; lex had school cancelled today and babysat courtney and her brother.  on deck:  hopefully recovery.

Janice says:

Well Mike finally got into the orthodontist about his mouth and got a diagnosis of dry socket. I have no idea how painful that is but I know that I never want it after seeing Mike go through what he has in the past week. Lexy has a few projects due tomorrow. I am sure she has them done but I am not so sure about the end product on her oral presentation on the environment. She has to give a three minute speech and she can not read from paper. She is allowed to have a cue card but that is it. It was another long day at work again.  I was ok with it because I got to close the post office at 7:00 pm instead of 9;00 pm. Lets see how much of the white shit will be out there tomorrow. I am so tired of seeing snow. I want summer now. Well i am ready for bed as I type this and I am some tired and i know it will not take me long to fall asleep. So good night.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


slept in this morning right through to noon hour; janice allowed me to sleep in while the kids stayed home and she went to church to do host duty; she took the opportunity to let me try to sleep off the pain in my mouth after last night i got very frustrated and began losing my temper over it... the kids went to the 'y' today while janice and me went to costco and got turnovers, poppycock and saw palmetto along with supper for ourselves in the form of fries and chicken fingers, janice got a poutine... lex and court went to lisa's (courtney's mom) while janice, our pal cindy and me went to see 'watchmen' one more time at crystal palace, probably the most uncomfortable movie theatres on earth; but what great movie... picked up lexy and came home and now we're in bed watching the news.  on deck:  another snowstorm, a possible visit to the orthodondist because the pain in my mouth is not getting better at all, work and janice possibly working all day again.

Janice says:

Well another snow storm. WHAT A DEPRESSING THOUGHT. we have two nice days and then they tell us we could get 20 centimeters of white shit. It will probably be another snow day for kids I guess. Lexy and Court had the weekend together and now we get down to business with school work. I may be working a long day as Mike has said, we will see. I will be waiting for a call from the dentist tomorrow for Mike. He is having a tough time and I will get to the bottom of it. Time to hit the sheets.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


spent the entire daylight hours by myself today, as janice took lexy and courtney to a wrestling tournament in riverview; courtney won a gold and lex a bronze, with courtney getting a by in one match and a forfeit in another; lex got a hard fought 3rd though i guess; janice says the tournament was very poorly put together... i decided to take to the outdoors and walked to champlain mall and back; by the time i got home, the ladies were finally back (the girls actually went to the 'y'), and then we all went to dawn's sdm to shop and collect some points, and then promptly headed out to a highway to get a good look at the space station flying overhead, which the girls were quite amazed at... i put together some homemade fries and we all had poutine for supper; my mouth has been bothering me all flippin' day, and there just seems to be no end in sight for this pain brought on by the absence of that wisdom tooth.  on deck:  janice is on host duty tomorrow at church, we're going to 'watchmen' one more time with cindy, lex has some school stuff to take care of before 'tar' hits the airwaves.  rest and relaxation is in order if i hope to get rid of this oral trouble.

Janice says:

To say the tournament was organized would be a massive understatement. I have been to Master Chung's  TKD tournaments and they are notoriously very unorganized but this was really bad. I  was very impressed at how Lexy did and even though she thinks she did bad she really  did good. She had really tough opponents for every one of her matches. Lexy  lost the first match, the second one she won and the last one she lost. She did very well and never gave up. Courtney is here again tonight and Lisa will be picking her up at around 5pm.I have kept them very busy since we have had courtney over. The two ladies  keep each other very good company and I hope that they stay friends for a long time to come. Mike is having a really tough time with his mouth and I really wish I could do something for him. I know that it takes time but wow I wish it would hurry for him. Well  the little  ladies are about to pass out and it is time to hit the sheets. Night all.



Janice says:

Well another day has passed and Mike is still  having a bit of trouble with his mouth. I wish I could help. I can not do anything and I feel bad. I brought lex and court to the y tonight for soccer and swimming. I had a hard time getting them out of the pool. On deck tomorrow is a wrestling tournament. Cross your fingers that our ladies do well. I will let you know how things work out for them  tomorrow. Night all.

mike says:

was a trying time getting out of bed this morning, where i woke up overnight a few times from the pain in my mouth; made for a rough time at work, especially as the hours wore on; took lots of tylenol 3 and advil... got home from work and went to bed, janice let me pass out for a solid three hours; when i woke up, i sat up and the pain in my mouth roared right back to killer levels; applied ice and it calmed down... went to the grocery store with the wife and got a few things, focusing on getting the kids some stuff for their tournament tomorrow; we got a mccain pizza that was quite amazing for supper for us, the kids had chicken fingers and fries... before bed, rinse my mouth out with a syringe in the area where the tooth was taken out, and was stunned to find how much crap was in there; could be the reason for a lot, or all, of the pain; i'm going to do it regularly now... 'iron man' is on tv as i type this, the wife is passing out, and it's nearly time to call it a day.  on deck:  the little ladies have their wrestling tournament, courtney will be staying here again tomorrow night if she's allowed, and we have some 20x the points shopping to do at dawn's sdm.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


went to work this morning with a sore mouth, but needing a paycheck, so brought meds with me and janice headed off to work too, and lex to school... fairly busy day; lots of people asking me how i was; most with their 'that's nothing' stories (i.e. after asking me how it went, reply "that's nothing!  i had teeth pulled once that were so big..."); mouth is healing slowly but surely, but has its moments, like at the moment i type this actually; tylenol 3 has to be taken semi-regularly... went to parent-teacher interviews with janice and lex in tow; our kid is doing okay but much room for improvement, namely with assignments on time and owning up to her lack of efforts... supper tonight was consisting of honey garlic wings and rice, tasty but kind of messy.  on deck:  alexandra's friend courtney will be here staying over, janice and me work, we'll see what else.

Janice says:  

Well i am glad to see that the day is over and one more day for the weekend. I can not wait. I must say i thought it would be a much different kind of parent  and teacher interview than it was. I now know the whole story as to what is going on and we know what to do to fix things. I went back to work for a few hours tonight and closed up.  I had to do a split shift because of the dentist and parent and teachers meetings. All in all a fair day. Mike seems to be on the mend quite nicely. He is still really sore but that happens when you have your jaw sawed. I am in pain just saying that. I guess thats  it for tonight and will post tomorrow night. Goodnight all.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


today i stayed home from work, the pain in my mouth is a little bit much to have to go running around all day and have my pulse beating through the gaping hole where my wisdom tooth was; survived the day on ice cream, tylenol, advil and antibiotics, until suppertime when i attempted rice, chicken and corn... spent much of the day online playing with facebook and the internet, talked a lot with rediscovered galpal wendy from my early school days... feeling on the upswing through the day, but after supper, pain returned along with swelling; could be a tough day at work tomorrow... picked up lex and brought her to the dentist for her cleaning, then janice brought her to her wrestling meet, where she lost but still did well and gained invaluable experience; janice worked 8-3 today... lex had her guitar lesson and got her report card from school today, which showed mixed results, but she's working on improving and she will by school year's end; she's determined to do better.  on deck:  back to work tomorrow, we'll see how it goes, but wound in my mouth still bleeding a little; janice works kind of a split shift because she has a dentist cleaning of her own.

Janice says:

Interesting kind of day at work. Everybody seemed to be off or something.  As Mike said I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and oh man am I looking forward to that. Mike is doing a lot better than I thought considering what he had done to his jaw. I am sure that I would not have been able to chew on anything at all. On deck for me a weird shift tomorrow. Dentist at 1pm and parent teacher interviews at 7 pm. I am interested to hear what the teacher has to say. I hope Mike has an easy day so as not to cause too much pain in his mouth. I would trade it with him if I could. Time to take meds and off to dream land. Night all.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


got up this morning facing the daunting task of enduring surgery at the orthodontist's in getting a nasty wisdom tooth removed; had an x-ray taken of it first and saw that the thing was nearly completely horizontal!  resulted in heavy freezing, lots of sawing a drilling and breaking the tooth apart in order to get it out in pieces; no fun at all, but, painless at the time and it's done... came home and as my mouth thawed, the pain set in in spades; was prescribed tylenol 3 and told to alternate with advil along with antibiotics for both my sinus infection and to ward off infection from my visit to the doc's... eating was a challenge; had soup and any suction at all through my mouth kills, so i had to pour the soup in my mouth from an angle with a spoon; interesting... stormy weather cancelled school today, so lex was home, and janice worked 3-9; both took very good care of me - i'm extremely lucky to have my family i have... watched 'wwe raw' tonight with sweety until janice got back from work; waiting a few more minutes to take my next dose of meds before drifting off; calling off work tomorrow for one more day to recoup... ac/dc announced today for august 7, a thursday; not interested.  on deck:  staying immobile so as not to make the blood flow too fast just yet, bringing lexy to her cleaning at the dentist, janice is working day shift tomorrow, 'survivor' tomorrow night.

Janice says:  

It has been a tough day for Mike, and I am going to make sure he is a good boy or he will have to deal with the wrath of me.  I am not going to let him do anything at all tomorrow either. What a day, more of the white stuff.  I am so fed up of snow and winter. Someone had better tell mother nature that spring is here and snow is not on the order.  Lex has another wrestling meet tomorrow.  I will bring her to it while Mike stays home. Let's hope she does as well as she did on the last one.  Off to bed and make sure Mike is all tucked in as snug as a bug in a rug.