Friday, April 3, 2009


temps are getting milder in the mornings heading off to work, no defogging the car or scraping; still been tough getting through the days sometimes, especially upon awakening in the mornings when my mouth is throbbing until meds kick in around noontime... janice has been working 11 hour days the last couple of days, 8am to 7 because of staff problems, one is leaving and another is sick... tonight we had egg salad sandwiches toasted with my own recipe that rules, if i do say so myself; pretty well taking it easy tonight due to janice working all the time and me and my friggin' mouth problems... bought some songs on itunes tonight, from the 'watchmen' soundtrack: 'the times they are a changin' from bob dylan, an ost song called 'i love you', 'all along the watchtower' by hendrix, 'the sound of silence' by simon and garfunkel, and a song on the radio i like that i've heard by airborne toxic event called 'sometime around midnight'.  on deck:  lex has a swimming lesson and some y activities, janice works 1-5, day off for me, probably watch 'the wrestler' tomorrow night.  btw, previous message was april fool's dig.  no truth to it.  ;)

Janice says:

I am a working a lot, but I am getting a lot of recognition for my work and if I do say so myself, I am doing a damn good job. Ok enough of my tooting my own horn. I tell you Mike spoils me a bunch. He makes sure i have my lunch when I do these marathon shifts and he even brings me a tea and a treat for afternoon treats. What a sweetheart he is. I love him. He and Lex stayed with me at work while I finished my shift.  It was nice that they stayed with me.  It made the time go by a bit faster.  So if anyone fell for the april fools gag laughs on you. Ha Ha Ha KIDDING! I would never leave Mike. He is stuck with me for good. I have to admit it was a good one though. Time for some R and R.


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