Monday, April 27, 2009


after watching the sox come back and beat the yanks friday night, went to bed and woke up saturday relatively early due to noisey neighbours; janice headed out to sdm to get lexy's gift, thanks in large part to her mom lending us optimum points, and i headed to the farmers market to get some goodies from nick the dutch baker in the form of sausage rolls, dream cakes and almond cookies; lexy's friend court spent the weekend here, and when i came home, janice, me, court and another of lexy's, jordan, and lexy of course went to crystal palace, where we staged her little birthday, getting each kid a bracelet, including sabrina who showed up a little later, and they spent the afternoon on rides having fun and playing games... the kids came home and i barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs on a beautiful warm and sunny day where we took out the patio furniture and had the kids eat outside on the deck while they also played in the yard; lexy got her third birthday cake and her wii present, and as all the kids except court headed out, lex and court went swimming at the ymca for the evening... they came home and they played the brand new wii game, and janice and me even tried, having some fun with the tennis, baseball, boxing and bowling features on it that actually make you move as if you were really playing the sport.  then it was bedtime as court was being picked up early sunday morning....... sunday morning came, court left and we slept a little longer until it was time to get up for mass; we went to church, the three of us rather groggy, and janice served host and lex served the altar; all the kids and even adults up there seemed a little tired this morning... came home and while lex played her wii, janice and me napped; woke up and we took off to friends pete and doriane's place where pete and me hashed out music ideas, while pete's kid spencer and lexy chummed around and doriane and janice conversed and shared wine... came home close to 9 and we opted to get diangelo's pizza from up the road where we live, as we'd heard about how it's good and relatively unknown; turns out the 'word' is more than true - best take out pizza we've had in a while, and we'll be getting it again; the three of us watched the amazing race, entertaining again, then tuned into another red sox vs yankees game, where my sox took the third game and a sweep.  bedtime now, janice had some digestive problems late in the night and now we're in bed, and she'll chime in tomorrow.  on deck:  start of another work week and lex back to school, nothing on the agenda just yet.

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