Saturday, March 28, 2009


Janice says:

Well another day has passed and Mike is still  having a bit of trouble with his mouth. I wish I could help. I can not do anything and I feel bad. I brought lex and court to the y tonight for soccer and swimming. I had a hard time getting them out of the pool. On deck tomorrow is a wrestling tournament. Cross your fingers that our ladies do well. I will let you know how things work out for them  tomorrow. Night all.

mike says:

was a trying time getting out of bed this morning, where i woke up overnight a few times from the pain in my mouth; made for a rough time at work, especially as the hours wore on; took lots of tylenol 3 and advil... got home from work and went to bed, janice let me pass out for a solid three hours; when i woke up, i sat up and the pain in my mouth roared right back to killer levels; applied ice and it calmed down... went to the grocery store with the wife and got a few things, focusing on getting the kids some stuff for their tournament tomorrow; we got a mccain pizza that was quite amazing for supper for us, the kids had chicken fingers and fries... before bed, rinse my mouth out with a syringe in the area where the tooth was taken out, and was stunned to find how much crap was in there; could be the reason for a lot, or all, of the pain; i'm going to do it regularly now... 'iron man' is on tv as i type this, the wife is passing out, and it's nearly time to call it a day.  on deck:  the little ladies have their wrestling tournament, courtney will be staying here again tomorrow night if she's allowed, and we have some 20x the points shopping to do at dawn's sdm.

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