Sunday, April 19, 2009


well, this morning i slept right into 11am, which means no church; janice took the liberty to let me sleep in, not that that was a bad idea since i couldn't really hardly move once it came time to actually get up; my back got worse, to the point where i could only take baby steps... i made the decision, or maybe really janice did, to see a doctor this afternoon yet again; i've seen more doctors for more different things this year than the whole decade i think; anyway, he told me point blank that i shouldn't work for a week - when i said that wasn't possible, he said at least wednesday; i was prescribed anti inflammatories and muscle relaxants that are all supposed to lay me out, so work's gonna be tricky to say the least... came home after that and napped awhile; janice made supper and woke me up and we all ate; more relaxing ensued, and the three of us watched a pretty entertaining 'amazing race'; now we're all in bed, and the good wife and me are waiting for the news.  on deck:  a tricky week at work, a church person is coming over for an opinion on something, janice works all days this week, which im glad for.

Janice says:

Well, I did bring Mike to the doctor because he could barely move and I was worried about maybe him having a slipped disk or a pinched nerve, and I was wrong I am glad for that.  I am glad that I was wrong but I sure do not like seeing him in that much pain for so long.  He has had a rotten year so far and I sure hope that it gets better soon.  I am really curious about this lady coming over to the house tomorrow night from church.  I would like to know what it is that she wants our opinion  on.  I do believe I may be going to the school to talk yo the VP about the accusation of Lexy stealing Megan's stuff.   It was a nice day out today, I hope it continues like this and only gets warmer from there, but be warned... mother nature can be cruel.  I am sure we will be getting more snow.  The only saving grace is that it will not stay for any length of time.  Anyway, time for the news and then sleep.  Night all.



  1. I would for sure go to the school for answers. They can not be allowed to get away with that!

    I hope that your back gets better soon mike. There is nothing worse than back pain.

  2. We are certainly going to be heard at Alexandra's school. It's just a matter of time where we can get there. Imagine if what happened to Lexy happened to an adult??

    Thanks for the well wishes hon.