Friday, April 24, 2009


a rough sleep last night was followed by a reasonable day at work, though somewhat of a stress-laden situation persists there that i don't believe has a remedy to it; hard to not be pessimistic... went to get janice at her work after her day shift was done and we went home, and as i played all headachey, janice handled a second meeting from 'monavie' reps, effectively shooing them away for good; monavie is a pyramid-schemed sham no one should have anything to do with... lexy and courtney went to the movies tonight with court's mom lisa; in the meantime, janice and me took the car to canadian tire to change the winter tires to all seasons, while we had baconator combos from wendys across the street; baconbaconbeef, baconbeef... came home to watch a ball game on tv, still going on with the sox relief pitcher throwing balls everywhere but the strike zone, with lex and court downstairs in bed as the night nears the end.  on deck:  lex doesn't know it, but she's getting a wii for her birthday, for whom we're throwing a party at crystal palace with a few friends; court's staying over again tomorrow night; we'll take whatever comes at us tomorrow evening.

Janice says:

Baconbaconbeef baconbeef  That was a good supper.  I really enjoyed it and when I have my open heart surgery I hope you all come to visit.  Ha ha ha.  I cant wait to see the look on Lexy's face when she gets her gift.  She will be some excited.  A weekend off and it is supposed to be really nice.  Wow I cant believe it!  What a baseball game going on on tv at the moment.  Cross your fingers folks, let's see Boston kick New York's ass.  Time to watch the game... Night all.


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