Wednesday, March 25, 2009


today i stayed home from work, the pain in my mouth is a little bit much to have to go running around all day and have my pulse beating through the gaping hole where my wisdom tooth was; survived the day on ice cream, tylenol, advil and antibiotics, until suppertime when i attempted rice, chicken and corn... spent much of the day online playing with facebook and the internet, talked a lot with rediscovered galpal wendy from my early school days... feeling on the upswing through the day, but after supper, pain returned along with swelling; could be a tough day at work tomorrow... picked up lex and brought her to the dentist for her cleaning, then janice brought her to her wrestling meet, where she lost but still did well and gained invaluable experience; janice worked 8-3 today... lex had her guitar lesson and got her report card from school today, which showed mixed results, but she's working on improving and she will by school year's end; she's determined to do better.  on deck:  back to work tomorrow, we'll see how it goes, but wound in my mouth still bleeding a little; janice works kind of a split shift because she has a dentist cleaning of her own.

Janice says:

Interesting kind of day at work. Everybody seemed to be off or something.  As Mike said I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and oh man am I looking forward to that. Mike is doing a lot better than I thought considering what he had done to his jaw. I am sure that I would not have been able to chew on anything at all. On deck for me a weird shift tomorrow. Dentist at 1pm and parent teacher interviews at 7 pm. I am interested to hear what the teacher has to say. I hope Mike has an easy day so as not to cause too much pain in his mouth. I would trade it with him if I could. Time to take meds and off to dream land. Night all.


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