Sunday, April 5, 2009


had a quiet day here at the house today, as i woke up and we went to the moncton farmers market and i picked up some stuff from nick the dutch baker and the three of us came home, in time for janice to go to work for her 1-5 shift... lex and me chopped up some ice in the driveway which, if you've ever visited, is actually a drive-through driveway; not clear yet but getting there... came in and watched a couple of star trek films on tv; janice came home and we then shortly after ventured out to champlain mall and walked around; went to superstore to get a chicken and we had hot chicken sandwiches and fries for supper; then we watched 'the wrestler' with mickey rourke, a very good film.  on deck:  church in the morning, i'll probably play with my mp3 converting vinyl turntable, take it easy to try to put another nail in the coffin on this wisdom tooth socket trouble still plaguing me.

Janice says:

Another day is done and another weekend is almost over. Wow how time flies.  It has been a beautiful weekend out. I wish i could have enjoyed a bit more of it. Church in the  morning and one more week till red meat and it will not come soon enough. I am getting pretty tired of chicken. I think that next year I will pick something else for lent. I am working a lot of extra hours and  I think that it will be that way for a bit, till I hire someone for part time evenings and weekends.  We will see though. I am glad to see that Mike's tooth is getting better. I mean lack of a tooth.  I think that it will  get better soon.  I sure hope anyway. Well time for bed folk. Night all.


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