Wednesday, April 8, 2009


it was a cold night last night, both of us waking up at various times shivering, but janice wore her cpap machine/darth janice mask and it was a better sleep than either of us have had in a bit... work was busy and uneventful; janice had a normal shift working only till 3 this time... made a broccoli casserole for supper; lex was late coming home where she actually babysat after school, and the three of us watched a little over half of 'wrestlemania'.  on deck:  janice is working 3-9, i work the usual.  not much to report today.

Janice says:

Yup it was a regular day and what a treat to only work 6 1/2 hours.  All of the work related issues should be resolved soon I think.  It has been a quiet day, really not much to report.  On deck for me is house cleaning in the morning and work in the afternoon.  I am hoping to watch the rest of wrestlemania tomorrow  night when I come home. It has been pretty good so far. The news is on as I type this and it is almost time for lights out.  Lets hope that the weather picks up in temperature a bit.  The rain is starting to get to me.  Cross your fingers. K night all.


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  1. K I do not know how to sign in to this blog site. It is Mikes job to do that but at the moment he is higher than a freaking kite half way to the moon. Mike had a sore side tonight and suspected that it was a side effect from the drugs that he was taking for his lack of a wisdom tooth. He called me at work to ask me what I thought it was. I was suspicious of a kidney stone or appendisitis. He said that he did not want to go to the hospital. When I got home we watched the rest of wrestlemania and shortly after he put his jacket on and we went to the hospital. He is now there and is staying overnight and in the morning going to have a ct scan to find out what kind of kidney stone he has or if it is blocked. He was in quite a bit of pain and they pumped him with some heavy duty drugs. Lex and I are going to go see him before I go to work in the morning to check in on him. He is in good hands. Lex and I felt pretty guilty just leaving him there but the only way he will get any sleep is if we left. If anything changes over night they will call me to let me know. So Mike is staying home from work tomorrow if he gets out of the hospital and Lex will be the nurse for the patient (Daddy). Mike will probably chime in here when he gets home. Night all and I will keep you all up to date on mike.