Sunday, April 19, 2009


bit of an odd sleep last night, couldn't really pass out until about 3:30 because of a long evening nap; trick is i had to wake up early to pick up squirt... was up at 8, janice went to work for the day and i had to go to the church to pick up alexandra after her participation in thinkfast, where she was one of the best earners for the fundraiser, if not the best; came home and showered after that, shaved and bent down to pick something up and my back went way out, major pain, and it's stuck with me since, gotten worse in fact; so that's the new crazy malady i now have to face down... went to the farmers market anyway; we got some stuff from nick the dutch baker and came home; boy it was some fun getting in and out of the car and walking around, i'll tell you... briefly stopped home to get pop for janice at work and ran into sister cindy, who honored her donation pledge dropping off $20 for alexandra; brought janice her tea and treats from the baker and promptly came home and took meds and rested; attempted to master the vinyl to mp3 turntable software and just got frustrated after an hour plus of effort; got up from the chair i was working on it with and realized my back froze up even more... janice came home, we relaxed for a bit and i made homemade burgers on the barbecue; back just never got any better.  on deck:  a whole lot of nothing to try to get over this before i have to go back to work.

Janice says:

It was a long day at work, it was extremely slow.  The whole store was slow though not just us. It is a bit odd when you think about it because it is a 15x bonus points weekend.  Anyway, I came home to find Mike in bed relaxing with an extremely sore back and resting.  I really think he should see a doctor, but at the same time I understand why he may not want to because he has had so many things wrong as of late.  I just worry and I would like to know if there is something seriously wrong.  I know that tomorrow he will be relaxing so as to give his back a lot more rest before work on Monday.  The count down is on for Lex and her birthday.  Only three days.  I am not sure if Mike will be going to church, but I will more than likely be going.  Time for bed, night all.



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