Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Reign

It's been a while, hasn't it? I lie here in bed on the first day of August, officially about 28 minutes into it. My wife lays beside me and we're enjoying a nice breeze from the side to side motion of the fan, as it quells the damp, humid air in our room lit up subtley by a deskside lamp while Lisa LaFlamme gives us the news on TV. Squirt is in her room, attempting sleep. Marbles the kittycat is milling about, probably looking for his brother. Janice just informs me that it was three years ago to this day that Lexy broke her arm at Centennial Park, throwing our lives into a virtual tailspin for the months ahead as she developed a terrible infection from the compound fracture she suffered. Many nights were spent at the hospital over the next several weeks. Today, it's a different story; everyone's healthy and happy, despite a rain-soaked summer. Likely the worst summer weatherwise I've experienced in my lifetime, but considering how things were three years ago, I'd say it was just fine.

Did this year EVER start out tricky. I had a bad cold, got over it, then very quickly got a worse cold, followed by a sinus infection, then wisdom tooth was pulled- followed by a resulting dry socket, Easter week saw me develop kidney stones again, then a cracked root in a tooth that had to get pulled, and a sinus problem leaving me concurrently with the sensation of having my ear plugged constantly. For two months. But, that's cleared up this week. It sure is nice having complete health again, for the first time this year...knock on wood.

I've been training at the YMCA very faithfully now since May, doing weights and cardio three days a week, two hours a shot. I'll walk on a treadmill for 5 minutes, then run for 25; then I'll do weights, working my arms, chest, back, abs and legs, and stretch out after I'm done. Janice does her own thing too, which she'll explain to you. I feel good, but I have a ways to go before anyone might actually be able to spot a difference in me I think. Sleep has been better since I've been doing this. I'm very, very proud of Janice, for working out hard just about every day. Alexandra also goes and trains.

Speaking of Lex, it's been kind of a humdrum summer for her. We can't afford to send her to any camps or anything, and there aren't many kids around the neighbourhood. A lot of her time is spent hanging around the house, and I find that a bit heartbreaking. She has been going to the pool lately in the afternoons though. It's the last year for that pool before it's torn down and a baseball training building is built, as far as I know. Kiwanis ballpark is being rebuilt also, so there are no ballgames going on there for the first time since I can ever remember.

The workfront is stable. I get along fine with all my coworkers, and the conditions there are better than they were, but the pay just isn't there. The hours are good. It's all days, Monday to Friday, no weekends and holidays, although vacation pay is included in every payday instead of the 4% being put aside. So that sucks. I've got my eye out for something better, but I'm not optimistic.

Despite the weather, so far summer has gone well. Much of our days is consumed by work, then the gym, then cooking, followed by finally unwinding. That's the weekdays. The weekends we'll head out to the cottage and be with the Cook side of the family, where everyone always has a good time together. The weather hasn't allowed us an opportunity to have any beach time at all, though. Not one day. But, we have each other and that's good enough.

I've made a couple of new friends over the last little while, one of which we're trying to give a hand to. She's in a terrible situation, but not one that can't be rectified with a little attention from someone who cares, which the three of us are. She will get back on her feet again, because we won't let anything else happen to her. God knows she deserves a break. The other friend of mine is a woman who makes me smile ear to ear quite constantly. We can never have enough of those. I've also gotten back in touch with an old school friend of mine, from all the way back in, maybe, grade 1. It's amazing how much lives change and what paths they follow. I've even been in touch with a friend of mine from way back in grade 7, whose name is Larry. His mom passed away recently, and I went to pay my respects at her viewing. I spoke briefly with Larry and I was so heartened to hear how well he's doing. He sounded optimistic, but morose over his mother's passing, of course.

There's more to talk about, but I'll let this do for the time being. In the morning or afternoon, Janice will give her take on things. For now, we'll put this one to record.

Talk to you soon.

Janice says:

Well it has been a while since we have done a blog. I have been doing pretty good at work with all that is going on. I look forward to the weekends. On our days off we make the most of the time we get together. I do as Mike said kind of fell bad for Lex. Her friend that she spends most of her time with have not been around a lot at all. I hope that will change for the rest of summer. Vacation coming up soon. I am only taking one week this year because of the work situation. I have been going to the gym almost every day. I do at least 45 minutes on the treadmill. I also do some weights 3 days a week. I have to do this seeing as I do not do taekwondo at the time being. I am hoping that the fall will let me go back to it. We will see. I do know one thing, Lex needs to go back. I think she needs the discipline. I do as well for that matter.

The summer is half over and we have had what two or three really nice days. I think this is it forth summer now one nice day and then three or four of rain. Oh well I guess we have to make the best of it. Well it is time to shove off for the day as we are off to the gym.


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