Tuesday, March 24, 2009


got up this morning facing the daunting task of enduring surgery at the orthodontist's in getting a nasty wisdom tooth removed; had an x-ray taken of it first and saw that the thing was nearly completely horizontal!  resulted in heavy freezing, lots of sawing a drilling and breaking the tooth apart in order to get it out in pieces; no fun at all, but, painless at the time and it's done... came home and as my mouth thawed, the pain set in in spades; was prescribed tylenol 3 and told to alternate with advil along with antibiotics for both my sinus infection and to ward off infection from my visit to the doc's... eating was a challenge; had soup and any suction at all through my mouth kills, so i had to pour the soup in my mouth from an angle with a spoon; interesting... stormy weather cancelled school today, so lex was home, and janice worked 3-9; both took very good care of me - i'm extremely lucky to have my family i have... watched 'wwe raw' tonight with sweety until janice got back from work; waiting a few more minutes to take my next dose of meds before drifting off; calling off work tomorrow for one more day to recoup... ac/dc announced today for august 7, a thursday; not interested.  on deck:  staying immobile so as not to make the blood flow too fast just yet, bringing lexy to her cleaning at the dentist, janice is working day shift tomorrow, 'survivor' tomorrow night.

Janice says:  

It has been a tough day for Mike, and I am going to make sure he is a good boy or he will have to deal with the wrath of me.  I am not going to let him do anything at all tomorrow either. What a day, more of the white stuff.  I am so fed up of snow and winter. Someone had better tell mother nature that spring is here and snow is not on the order.  Lex has another wrestling meet tomorrow.  I will bring her to it while Mike stays home. Let's hope she does as well as she did on the last one.  Off to bed and make sure Mike is all tucked in as snug as a bug in a rug.


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