Saturday, May 2, 2009


got a question--anyone reading this?  no way to know besides comments and no one posts any besides sweetheart friend cindy... not a bad day; sleep has been better since janice sleeps sitting up a bit, she sleeps far more soundly, although sometimes i get up with headaches; i'm suspicious of the perc chemical at work... and at work it was busy; my pal darren is getting a dangerously slim amount of sleep, due to the loss of his wife that he's having trouble getting over, logically; got a 'dcm' brand speaker from buddy marshall to try out, as there's a pair of speakers that he's selling that i'm looking to buy for djing gigs; chatted with anothe coworker glen with marshall for a while after work... came home and napped a bit while lex and janice went to the y to do some exercise, and lexy had her trainer appointment to set up a workout to keep her fit for the next wrestling season at school; she's getting antsy about getting a new bed, which we'd love to provide for her but it's tough with our $$ situation... had a chicken supper, then we watched wwe smackdown and then the news.  on deck:  due for a jam with buddy pete, possibly might go to church today instead of sunday morning.

Janice says:

Well it was an ok day at work.  It was pretty busy just not crazy busy.  Lex and I went to the Y and we did  30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the bikes.  She had her trainer appointment and I decided to do my weight program and some more treadmill work.  I ended up doing another 45 minutes of speed walking on the treadmill.  I really like the fact that Lex can go to the Y and get in  the gym without us.  I guess if Mike goes to Pete's house tomorrow I may go with him we will see.  Maybe Lex and I will go to the Y.  Time will tell. Chow for now.


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