Thursday, April 23, 2009


it was a reasonably good birthday for alexandra today, being only part of it really, as she was treated to one of her favorite meals as well as a s'mores birthday cake, and janice and me gave her a custom made pillow case (we'll have to supply a pic for anyone interested) and miley cyrus's bio book; my super-kind brother rick and his lady may gave her $20, her friend courtney gave her a $15 itunes card, her grandma gave her $20, friend greg gave her $15, and that's the start, as on the weekend she gets her party along with a couple of friends, where we give her THE gift... work was better today, there was more to do; i'd be lying if i didn't say i was a bit bored with my job though, and yearning to make more $$, but in these troubled times i'll take what i have... janice worked the daytime today; it seems her new worker she hired is working out fine, which means more time home with her hubby and munchkin... lexy hit the ymca gym for the first time, since now she's 13, and she and janice went there and did some cardio training; i can't just yet as my back is still tender... sleep wasn't bad last night - we got to bed earlier and slept quite well; i'm still taking anti inflammatories for my back, but shelved the muscle relaxants, where i'm not a big fan of taking many pills.  on deck:  janice works the day, as well as me, maybe lex and janice will go to the gym again.

Janice says:

It was good day today Lex was happy with her gifts and she was some excited for the money she got.  I went to the gym with squirt and she was so happy to be aloud to into the gym and not worry about anyone asking her age it was funny. I fully intend on making her and I sweat. We both ned it with no TKD at all lately. Time for sleep more tomorrow night. Night all.


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