Sunday, May 3, 2009


slept in this morning due to going to church saturday instead this week, although i woke up with a tremendously sore back that had me thinking i made no progress at all... the three of us went to shoppers drug mart and stocked up on 710ml six packs of diet pepsi, collecting something like 240 bottles of the stuff thanks to janice having $100 worth of sdm gift cards she earned from her boss for doing such a fantastic job at running the store's post office; that's my wife!!... came home, and i got horizontal for the afternoon to try to stave off any further complications with my friggin' back; it's making me increasingly frustrated; janice and alexandra proceeded to fix up lexy's room in anticipation of the arrival of her new bed at the end of the week... had chicken wings and homemade fries for supper, did more investigating about the chemical exposure at work, and we got a visit from old pal/boss donnie goguen, who dropped off a big load of bottles for alexandra and chatted with us for awhile -- don's business is going extremely well and is going to lift off into orbit by the end of the year from the sounds of what he and his partners have planned... the three of us watched the amazing race tonight; i'm disappointed my black beauties aren't in the final 3, but it's shaping up to be a good finale next week... the news is on, and an overworked janice is ready to take over the station.  on deck:  starting the 7-3:30 shifts for the summer, janice works daytime, lex has school, and hopefully back to the y for some sweating.

Janice says:

Well it has been a busy day with all of the cleaning in Lexy's room.  We were at it for, oh let me say, probably 3 and 1/2 hours.  I am beat.  I did the laundry and I did some other random cleaning in the house.  The Y was out today so we could concentrate on Lexy's room.  We will be going back tomorrow night and getting down to some business.  As Mike was saying I am working the day shift tomorrow and I am looking forward to coming home and relaxing.  It was a beautiful day and it looks like it will be even nicer tomorrow.  Bring on the nice weather. Time for bed.  Night all.


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