Monday, March 30, 2009


typing this in a bit earlier as janice heats up soup for me downstairs and i lie in bed; got out of bed today with tremendous pain in my mouth and took a shower letting warm water run on my face; helped a little... went to work and got a call from janice, who made an appointment for me to see the orthodondist again, my favorite place in the whole world; went in and they told me i had dry socket, a condition that happens when adult teeth are removed and the blood clot goes missing, exposing nerves and bone - doesn't tickle, i can attest; sprayed some kind of extremely gross tasting medicated dressing after cleaning out the wound and gave me heavy duty ibuprofen-like meds which, ironically, you have to take with food, which is next to impossible for me to do lately... very stormy day outside all day, even to this minute, with cancellations all over; lots and lots of heavy, goopy snow; people at work opted to go home early even though i didn't... came home and went to bed to try to sleep off some of the pain; janice came home after a 11 hour shift again and now we're about to eat, or in my case try to; lex had school cancelled today and babysat courtney and her brother.  on deck:  hopefully recovery.

Janice says:

Well Mike finally got into the orthodontist about his mouth and got a diagnosis of dry socket. I have no idea how painful that is but I know that I never want it after seeing Mike go through what he has in the past week. Lexy has a few projects due tomorrow. I am sure she has them done but I am not so sure about the end product on her oral presentation on the environment. She has to give a three minute speech and she can not read from paper. She is allowed to have a cue card but that is it. It was another long day at work again.  I was ok with it because I got to close the post office at 7:00 pm instead of 9;00 pm. Lets see how much of the white shit will be out there tomorrow. I am so tired of seeing snow. I want summer now. Well i am ready for bed as I type this and I am some tired and i know it will not take me long to fall asleep. So good night.


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