Sunday, May 3, 2009


all three of us had a fairly decent sleep last night; got up and after a little bit we all headed out on the town, first to champlain place to look for a bed for alexandra; checked out sears there, walked around the mall a bit and then went to sears on trinity drive, and found a nice single bed for the munchkin; most certainly an upgrade for her that she very much deserves.  went from there to costco and got a few things, then went home... got ready for church, then went, and alexandra wound up serving though it's fairly unusual for altar servers to show up on saturday evidently; from there, we went home and then lex and janice went to the y for cardio then swimming, and i went to pete's place in riverview to jam out some music ideas.  it was a fruitful session; we got a lot of stuff done.  came home and the three of us had spaghetti, watched tv a little and now here we are in bed with snl on tv.  on deck:  fixing up alexandra's room, getting it ready for her new bed arriving on friday.

Janice says:

Well Lex and I went to the Y and we did a bit of sweating.  We then went into the pool and spent some time in the therapy pool.  I sure do like that therapy pool, it is some relaxing.  I think we may take tomorrow off and go back on Monday.  I am looking forward  to sleeping in tomorrow morning.  When we get up we will be doing a pop run at shoppers drug mart.  Diet Pepsi is on sale for $2.22 for a six pack of 710ml bottles.  We will be stocking up.  It is a two day sale so we have to get there early because a lot of customers will be out as well.  Lex is looking forward to redoing her room and getting her new bed.  She won't have to worry about falling out of her bed anymore at least.  Anyway time for bed.  Night all.


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