Tuesday, April 28, 2009


it was a lousy sleep last night for both janice and me, as janice has come down with a cold and it's making her snoring issues even worse; we didn't get a whole lot of rest as a result... work was rather slow today; staff got news that beginning next week, our hours will be 7-3:30 instead of the current 8-4:30, for the summertime; our vacation will be booked for the week of august 10, and we may try to take in a game or two at fenway in boston during that time, but not sure if we can afford it; time off will at least be nice... suffered a 'perc headache' at work today, got another jolt from my errant tooth and my back acted up today; healthwise it wasn't the best day... janice didn't do that well either, with the onset of her cold, the first few days being the worst of it; she came home shortly after i got home, and lex was home, and we brought lex to the y to do some cardio while jan and me went to sobeys to get some things for a casserole that we had for supper... watched the rest of a wwe pay per view, then wwe raw, and now the sox are on tv as the night is winding down.  on deck:  BELL GETS THE HEAVE-HO, aliant comes in to hookup, janice works 5-9.

Janice says:

I am looking forward to Aliant to come in to the house tomorrow.  I will be proudly calling Bell for the boxes to send their stuff back.  We have been waiting for Aliant to come out with their version of a pvr and they have, so good bye bell.  I have a cold so, tonight I am going to sleep kind of sitting up so as not to snore as much.  Last night I guess I snored a lot and I kept Mike up most of the night.  It was a beautiful day out, not that I got to see any of it.  I worked till 5pm  today. Tomorrow I only work 5 till 9pm.  Time for the weather got to go to watch it and then try to get some sleep.  Night all.


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