Monday, April 6, 2009


rotten sleep last night, as the wife had a tough time with snoring issues; so did i as a result; that's two straight nights of a grand total of upwards of 4 hours of sleep each night, but we're actively looking for solutions to this problem.  woke up at 4am to find the bed empty on her side and marched downstairs and ordered her back, snoring or no snoring, as i can't sleep at all without her with me... work sure was busy today, as we have to do five days worth of work in four days this week with Easter weekend up ahead of us; janice worked an overbearing 13 hour shift today where she's still short staffed - this can't go on much longer... made chicken rice and veggies for supper and brought it to the wifey at work; lex, janice and me came home and the punkin went to bed and we watched '24', another great episode; the new characters on that show have really found their stride; bedtime is upon us.  on deck:  watching 'wrestlemania 25', a shorter work day for janice, another hectic workday at vail's.

Janice says:

Yup, it was a long day but I do not find it that hard though, believe it or not. I guess I snored a lot last night.  I know that I only have to work a short shift tomorrow but I can not help but wonder if the girl who gave her notice at work will actually show up to work her shift.  I sure hope she does.  On deck more work and a night with the family.  I look forward to being home with Lex and Mike.  Can you tell I am tired! Enough said... Ok time for bed, 'night.


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