Wednesday, April 15, 2009


after a bit of a hiatus--resuming 'ragnar' duty... kidney stone and dental trouble had me missing time at work (1 day anyway) and staying overnight at the hospital last week, visited dentist yesterday to try to determine what was causing persistent intense pain that isn't related to wisdom tooth extraction; seeing a orthodontist/nerve specialist next week to try to find out... sleep is once again a rare commodity, but after making major changes cosmetically to the bedroom things should turn around... alexandra is a bit stressed from school after a 'best friend' changed schools and, on the way out, accused alexandra to the school authorities of stealing her things; the school found them today and did not apologize after accusing her; we may take action and demand it... lexy, by the way, is taking part in a 'thinkfast retreat' where she fasts for a day and overnight with friends and church folks at st bernards church, and is taking any donations to raise $$ for the poor... janice has been a saint towards me throughout my troubles - God bless her. on deck: two days till the weekend, might once again try tackling my vinyl turntable mp3 converter after a false start when mr. mac broke down after he swallowed a dental pick.

Janice says:

We are back in business on Ragnar Station. It was a few days off because of Mike being sick and all but he is on the mend now and I could not be happier.  Things are going a bit better for Lex at school except for an incident where she was accused of stealing a pencil case, a pair of sneakers and a few other small odds and ends from a girl in her class. I know Lex and I know she did not take it, but the young girl's mother is convinced it was her.  The vice principal and her teacher questioned her on Tuesday and she was pretty upset about it.  All is ok now, they found her stuff and yes, you guessed it, they did not apologize to Lex.  I am pretty disappointed in the v/p of the school  for this.  She will not be out of that school soon enough.  Things are looking up at work, I hired a lady to work in the post office.  Let's cross our fingers that everything works out well.  I am hoping anyway.  Time to get some zzzzz's.  Nighty night.


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  1. I would demand that school apologize to lexy for doing something she did not do. I am furious reading that. That is so wrong! I am glad to hear you are doing better mike. Hope things will work out for you tooth pain. :) I love catching up on your blog everyday :)