Thursday, March 26, 2009


went to work this morning with a sore mouth, but needing a paycheck, so brought meds with me and janice headed off to work too, and lex to school... fairly busy day; lots of people asking me how i was; most with their 'that's nothing' stories (i.e. after asking me how it went, reply "that's nothing!  i had teeth pulled once that were so big..."); mouth is healing slowly but surely, but has its moments, like at the moment i type this actually; tylenol 3 has to be taken semi-regularly... went to parent-teacher interviews with janice and lex in tow; our kid is doing okay but much room for improvement, namely with assignments on time and owning up to her lack of efforts... supper tonight was consisting of honey garlic wings and rice, tasty but kind of messy.  on deck:  alexandra's friend courtney will be here staying over, janice and me work, we'll see what else.

Janice says:  

Well i am glad to see that the day is over and one more day for the weekend. I can not wait. I must say i thought it would be a much different kind of parent  and teacher interview than it was. I now know the whole story as to what is going on and we know what to do to fix things. I went back to work for a few hours tonight and closed up.  I had to do a split shift because of the dentist and parent and teachers meetings. All in all a fair day. Mike seems to be on the mend quite nicely. He is still really sore but that happens when you have your jaw sawed. I am in pain just saying that. I guess thats  it for tonight and will post tomorrow night. Goodnight all.


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