Tuesday, April 21, 2009


sore back again when i woke up this morning, but gradually getting better; we all headed to work or school and got on with our day... work was kind of a drag, with not a lot to do which makes time crawl; cut out early though at 2:30 for my appointment with the mad scientist who checked out my teeth to try to find out which one was causing problems; it would appear now we know, as now i have a root canal (JOY) scheduled for july 7... got some things at rinzlers (where i ran into my old buddy wayne) and came home to cook up a casserole with janice while lex did her homework; we're plotting a small birthday gathering with lexy and a few friends this weekend, but it's really her birthday tomorrow; we'll get her a cake and a little gift for the time being, before giving her a bigger gift on the weekend... finally made a disc for the car with these titles on it:  sometime around midnight, life in technicolour 2, love hurts, comin' home, glass of water, stars, rusty cage, drive my soul, #1 crush, federal pen, something in your mouth, troublemaker, ladies and gentlemen, being here, i love you, the times they are a changin', the sound of silence, all along the watchtower, hold tight, and chick habit.  on deck:  hump day, and lexy's birthday!  might bring her to the gym for the first time, and not the last; we'll see what else.

Janice says:
K take two. I hit a button and the first couple of lines they went into oblivian.  Lexy's birthday tomorrow.  I am anxious for the end of the day to give her a small cake and a small gift.  All kids love it when they get more than one cake and this year it will be that way for her. It looks like Court and Jordan for the birthday at Crystal Palace so far, we will see if Sabrina can come tomorrow.  It is going to be a really nice weekend I guess.  Cindy Day says we may be getting +21 on saturday and sunday.  Oh please let us have it.  Did a bit of tidying up and now we are in bed.  Time to relax. Night all.



  1. Root canel mike? Not to bad I had one and it was not that painful. Sounds worse than it is. I hope sat is nice as well, got some yard work to do around here. You guys should come out some weekend if you feel like going for a drive. You are welcome here anytime :) The only friends that come here lately are sara and dylans how pitiful is that. LOL

  2. Then we will just have to make a visit sometime soon then! I remember you getting that root canal, I was the one who told you not to worry, remember? I know it's just a long filling, but I just feel like it's a drag going to sit in the dentists chair for two friggin' hours. I remember I had one before and my mouth was sore after, not from the work he did but from my mouth being open for so long.