Sunday, April 5, 2009


went to church this morning but left a sick little girl home, where she was sneezing her head off with the onset of a cold; it's Palm Sunday today, making for a longer mass with recital of the Passion; next week on Holy Saturday, all three of us will be serving the 6 o'clock Easter Vigil mass, with me reading, janice serving host and lex will be altar serving... came home and while janice and lex cleaned a little, i took a nap since sleep last night wasn't good at all; wife snored quite a bit and lex was up a lot of the night sniffing and sneezing; but i did wake up refreshed... we had a veggie pizza and garlic fingers from mcbuns; the pizza sucked, but the garlic fingers were good; i also bought a choc cream pie since our friend greg was supposed to come over for 'wrestlemania' but... come to find out, we try to order it and bell won't give it to us because we cancelled their service, effective april 30, because the service SUCKS, even worse than rogers, which is hard to imagine; plan b was to go see it at the theatre; that plan was scotched when we found out ticket prices, upwards of $33 A PERSON; absolutely insane, so we passed on w/m altogether... the three of us stayed home and just enjoyed one anothers' company, no tv, no nothing; i looked through my record collection to figure out which albums i'll use to get music from for the turntable mp3 player and came across some vintage pics i'd long misplace from the ancient cook days, which i'll get on facebook and get some help from the fam for some id's... amazing race isn't on this week, so we watched 'rocky III'; and here we are about to head north.  on deck:  a four day work week (hallelujah!!!), '24' logs on for another killer week, janice has another gruelling 11 hr shift.

Janice says:

Well  it was a good family day for the little Cook family. After church we (Lex and I) went to my mom's to see the family and to also let them know that Lex is out for money for a fund raiser for the church.  She will be taking part in a Thinkfast Retreat at St Bernard's Church where they will be fasting and talking about people who are starving in Africa.  It is going to take place in the basement of the church on the 18th of April.  It was a good day off even though our plans for Wrestlemania were thrown out the window.  We made the most of our time together as we usually do.  I love those times we have.  It is now late evening, the news is on and we are about to go to bed.  On deck I have a long shift again. I only have one shift like that this week I hope.  I need to hire someone to work part time evenings.  If anyone knows anybody who is looking please tell them to come in and see me. Well folks it is sleepy time. Night all.



  1. So who are you guys going to for tv? Bell can suck at times. I agree :)

  2. Bell sucks ALL the time as far as we're concerned. We're done with those fuckers.

    We'll try Aliant next. They have PVRs now.