Saturday, April 18, 2009


after a reasonable sleep, got home from work a bit early today after things were done early; came home and janice and lexy arrived shortly thereafter, then after trying big mac snackwraps, we sent her to st bernard's church for her thinkfast retreat, where she raised $83 for the poor thanks to family; at the church, she discovered she wasn't allowed her nintendo ds or ipod, amenities that aren't afforded to starving people abroad, so it could be a challenge for her... janice and me promptly came home and went to bed since we're so drained and slept the evening away.  on deck:  janice works tomorrow 9-5, i pick up alexandra at church at 8:30am, maybe go to the farmers market and visit nick the dutch baker for some goodies, we'll take what comes in the pm.

Janice says:

What a relaxing night we had.  We sent Lex to church and just relaxed in bed only to fall asleep and sleep for 3 hours or so.  It feels weird to be able to sleep in the evening and to relax .  We so do not often get to do that.  One more day of work and then Sunday off.  Lex has a birthday coming up this week and it should be a good week for her.  I am hoping for some nice weather soon. I want summer to arrive now.  Could someone please call mother nature to ask for sunny hot weather.  Time for some more sleep and relaxing.  Good night all.


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