Thursday, April 30, 2009


got up today after a bit of a struggle overnight, getting up at around 5 in the morning with el gigantor of a headache after a crazy dream about being in a dark hospital for an operation; got back to sleep in less than an hour, only to wake up again shortly after 7 for work.  in spite of that, the sleep was good, with janice finally finding meds for her cold she can take, and she slept sitting up in bed without making a sound... work was very busy; in the last 48 hours, i've investigated a chemical used there called 'perc' for dry cleaning, and was stunned at what i unearthed; i'm now actively checking out my options for both my safety and what i might be able to find for a different job, while i possibly appeal to other co-workers and management about health concerns... co-worker marshall came over with his electrician friend joel, and checked out our electrical at the house to eventually give us an idea what it will cost to get the house rewired with a new panel; marshall himself will do construction work around the house to get it up to snuff for resale, hopefully sometime in the fall... alexandra has a four day weekend, with thursday to sunday off; she's been going to the y every day for cardio training... had a very delicious steak dinner tonight made by me on the bbq, then the three of us watched survivor, did some more perc research and now it's bedtime.  on deck:  more perc research, and whatever comes our way after work.

Janice says:

Yup, I finally found some meds for my cold and they work pretty good, but does it ever make me tired.  I was fairly busy at work today because of income tax deadline.  I can not believe how many people wait till the last minute.  I guess if you know you owe money, why give it up until you absolutely have to, right?  Lex came to see me at work today and they put her to work in the cosmetics department.  We have a spring Gala in that department on Sunday and she packed up the gift bags that they give out as gifts.  Well with spring clean up this coming week, we will be doing some cleaning this weekend.  Well time for sleep.  Night all.


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