Sunday, March 29, 2009


slept in this morning right through to noon hour; janice allowed me to sleep in while the kids stayed home and she went to church to do host duty; she took the opportunity to let me try to sleep off the pain in my mouth after last night i got very frustrated and began losing my temper over it... the kids went to the 'y' today while janice and me went to costco and got turnovers, poppycock and saw palmetto along with supper for ourselves in the form of fries and chicken fingers, janice got a poutine... lex and court went to lisa's (courtney's mom) while janice, our pal cindy and me went to see 'watchmen' one more time at crystal palace, probably the most uncomfortable movie theatres on earth; but what great movie... picked up lexy and came home and now we're in bed watching the news.  on deck:  another snowstorm, a possible visit to the orthodondist because the pain in my mouth is not getting better at all, work and janice possibly working all day again.

Janice says:

Well another snow storm. WHAT A DEPRESSING THOUGHT. we have two nice days and then they tell us we could get 20 centimeters of white shit. It will probably be another snow day for kids I guess. Lexy and Court had the weekend together and now we get down to business with school work. I may be working a long day as Mike has said, we will see. I will be waiting for a call from the dentist tomorrow for Mike. He is having a tough time and I will get to the bottom of it. Time to hit the sheets.


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