Monday, May 4, 2009


wow, bit of a rough sleep last night, going to bed kind of late and getting to sleep a lot later than i wanted, waking up five hours later while janice suffered bouts of coughing fits overnight... worked my first 7-3:30 shift today and it flew by; i think it's going to be nice -- the investigation on the perc chemical is moving forward, though... janice got off work at the same time i did, lex went to her friend's house then came home, and we all went to the y for a workout; i did my first cardio/weight training in a long time, even though my back's still bugging me; janice did her cardio, and lex did her complete program; came home and barbecued chicken for supper... lex bought some songs and videos on itunes via a gift card she got from her friend courtney for her birthday; she was off to bed then it was time for another rockin' episode of 24, which we're near the end of the season for now; bon jovi announced for the hill today with cummings and bachman--what a colossal disappointment.  on deck:  work and school as usual, perhaps a cardio day at the y, not sure what else just yet.

Janice says:

Well yup, we did go to the Y and we did sweat.  I had  a great workout, I felt good about all the calories I burned and it was sure cute seeing Lexy go around the gym and do all of her training as well she has only been waiting for about a year or so to be able to do it.  Work was busy today and I was hopping.  When I was done Mike picked me up and we brought all the rest of the pop we purchased home.  We watched 24 tonight and wow, what an episode it was.  A few times I was like "holy shit, what the f**k?"  Hopefully I will not cough to much tonight and keep Mike up.  Tomorrow I have an appointment at VitalAir to see if I can get to the bottom of the mask thing for my breathing machine.  We will see.  Time for bed.


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