Monday, April 20, 2009


pretty sore getting out of bed today; showering was a lot more challenging than it usually is thanks to the back problems; talk about a rough go of it... janice worked till 5 today, and alexandra came home early from school because she fell on her arm and was having a rough time with it; queen elizabeth school doesn't have a nurse there so no one looked after her, and janice called and insisted she come home; after some debate between her and the staff at school, she did... was sore today at work - i just about told them that i couldn't take it anymore and that i have to go home, but, i stuck it out; it was a long, long day... came home after work to find my old friend natalie waiting for me, with her main man phil; they came in and we all chatted for a little while, as she's home visiting her ailing mother... after they'd left, i stretched out on the couch for a bit because my back was sore and stiff, and no sooner did i do that than did our church friend show up with two others, and as it all turned out, it was nothing more than a pitch to get involved in a pyramid scheme called 'monavie', some kind of snake oil thing; needless to say, i'm not interested in the least... we ate soup tonight for a quick fix, then lex was off to bed and we watched another intriguing episode of '24', and now it's just about bedtime.  on deck:  going to see a orthodontist about checking nerves in my teeth to find out which one's been giving me grief, beyond that, hopefully more rest for this nagging back injury of mine.

Janice says:

Well to say the least I was not to impressed with the thought of  entertaining a few people to have them pitch us starting up selling Monavie.  I would like to know what the church would think about them using our names to give us the pitch about this stuff, I think is what Mike said, and I would like to know?  Mike has had a rough evening with his back and all.  I wish I could help. I had a fairly decent day at work.  It was not too terribly busy.  I had lots to do though, I only work till 2pm tomorrow.  Lex and I have to make some birthday invitations tomorrow afternoon.  We are going to bring her and a few of her friends to Crystal Palace and let them run around for a few hours.  We will have to feed those monsters afterwards.  I believe that we are doing her birthday on Saturday afternoon.  I still have a hard time thinking she is going  to be 13 years old.  How wild is that? Well, I guess it is time for bed.  Night all.


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