Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Janice says:

Well, it is now 10:38pm and we are in bed watching the Red Sox play the Yankees.  I hope they kick there butts.  It is raining outside and tonight was not a great night for me.  I hate the rain because I ache so much.  Such is life though, just pop a few Tylenol and on we go.  We did not go to the Y tonight.  Mike took a nap and Lexy and I went to the grocery store and got stuff for a taco salad.  Yum Yum.  I got to the bottom of the troubles for my breathing mask this afternoon.  Am I ever glad I have blue cross!  I have a new mask to wear at night and it cost $245.00.  I would love to know what the markup is on them.  I will be using it as soon as the cold goes away.  Work was not that busy today and I had an ok day.  Lexy came  to work and came with me to VitalAir to get to the bottom of my issues.  We  walked up to the city hospital and walked back home.  The big garbage clean up night is tonight and we did not put too much out for it, but we did get rid of Lexy's old bed.  I guess we will wait till we move to get rid of all the excess junk.  With that I will let Mike take over and do his blog so we can watch the game then go to sleep.  Night all.


not a bad sleep last night i guess, but janice said i snored like an army of chainsaws overnight; i guess neither one of us is safe from that... the day was kind of a slow one for work, as the first two or three days of the week usually are; the issue with perc is still ongoing as i'm waiting for information to be forwarded to us; today the perc didn't really cause any problems, but i did get a recurrence of my dying tooth problems, where i got the tremendously sharp pain in the root of an upper molar i'm waiting for root canal surgery for on july 7... came home and laid down promptly as my back was bugging me some, though not as much as it has been; i'm cautiously optimistic about recovery, but it's taking an awfully long time compared to past episodes; janice and lexy made supper and when i got up, we ate and watched 'wwe raw', then an old original 'star trek' episode that i never saw before called 'the cage', which was the pilot for the original series that never aired on tv before, when shatner wasn't yet cast as captain kirk; we're really looking forward to seeing 'star trek' at the theatre this saturday night, while lexy and her bud courtney go watch the 'hannah montana' movie... boston's up 5-3 as i type this over the evil empire, so i'll sign off with that.  on deck:  back to the y for another weight/cardio workout, plus whatever fate throws our way.

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