Monday, August 19, 2013

Dr. Feelgood

Hello there.

I did make an attempt a few days ago at this particular blog, but I'm re-doing it, as I found it was something I'd kind of already done.  It needs a different kind of slant on things.  And since I'm home after calling in sick from work from the onset of a migraine at 3 in the morning, and I'm here kind of waiting for it to completely pass (it's not near as bad at this moment), what better time?

I'm going to go through my facebook friend list and find something nice to say about each and every one of them.  Along with a few others that aren't on fb.  I recognized recently how un-complimentary the world is these days, I'm not sure why that is.  But I've always been me; I've always given a kind word where it's due, or needed.  Most cases, where it's indeed needed, because people so very, very seldom hear it.  So, Dr. Feelgood is in the house.

Sam SF:  That's her facebook handle, anyway.  She's a beautiful-on-a-world-scale Iranian woman with a heart of gold who never has an unkind word uttered from her.  I remark to her every time I see a new picture of her how grateful I am to actually look at her, and know her.  She's quite amazing.

Melissa Naseem Riley:  She's a woman who's dealt with a lot of harsh blows in life that just keep coming, occasionally falls down, but gets right back up to kick ass.  Gorgeous and tough with an infectious smile and beautiful colorful tattoos coloring her lovely body.  I'm lucky to have her.

Darren Myers:  One of my most enduring friends.  I've always admired Darren since I was around 5, but more so now than ever.  He's won a lot of battles life has thrown at him and come out as one of my own life's inspirational characters.  I couldn't be more proud of the guy, and grateful to still be his friend.

Alyson Showell:  Talking about inspirations... Aly's got it all.  Smarts, willpower, beauty, and compassion most of all.  Through the years I've seen her get knocked down, but never not get back up.  And today she's thriving in the face of all that's happened to her.  Also has a lovely family.

Patty Kali:  For some reason, I get from Patty that she doesn't get near the amount of compliments she should, like a lot of us.  She's a southerner with a drop dead gorgeous smile that loves a good time, and loves to share it with others.  We share a lot of laughs, and that's SO important in life.

Natalie Parent:  She's been an undying friend of mine since early '87.  Certainly had her share of ups and downs, but never stays down too long.  She's resilient.  She's loving and caring, absolutely beautiful, a wonderful mother, and a very adept wrestler.  :)  And lips to die for!

Tonya Miller:  This is one of those people that you never hear an unkind word from, like, ever.  At least I haven't, and I doubt this is exclusive to just me.  She's always praising and complimenting, always ready to offer a smile to brighten a day, and always sensitive to others.  So very sweet.

Patcy Williams:  Ah, Patcy... I need a whole other blog to write about her!  She's one of the people I'm most proud of, ever.  I don't think I've ever personally known anyone more resilient than her.  Tough as nails, brave, faithful, and one of the most beautiful women on earth.  And one of my best friends ever. 

Donna Wood:  Ohhh, Donna!  So lovely, so smart, such a wonderful, wonderful mother.  I don't know many other people more full of love than Donna.  She's got that look that'll freeze a guy in his tracks.  And that's a good thing.  It definitely must come in handy!

Michelle Arsenault:  Michelle falls under the 'most proud of' category in my books.  She's a go-getter, takes no shit from anyone or anything and will not compromise her beliefs or desires if it means 'settling'.  One look in her eyes will send a straight man into a trance.  Probably even a gay one.  One of my most loyal friends.

Rose Piedad:  A lovely ladyfriend from the Phillipines, who everyday teaches me the value of faith with her postings on facebook.  She tends to look at life from the sunnier side, even in the face of turmoil.  She calls me her 'fave'.  I often wonder why, but am beyond thankful that she does!

Joan Makela:  Ah, my dear Joan.  I've witnessed her go through so very much in her life in the time I've known her, and she's demonstrated to me how super tough she is.  An amazing mother, wife, and friend, her love knows no bounds.  Her beauty is a bright shining light in the universe of life, as is her determination. 

Nina Santos:  Something that I so love to see when I sign into facebook is how close Nina is with her family over in the Phillipines, and how devoted to her faith she is.  And she's so lovely.  She often calls me her 'pillow', imagining her pillow as me when she squeezes it.  How sweet is that!

Sue Mahoney:  Sue's our neighbour across the street, a very sweet woman who's raised a smart young man, and is ultra kind to those around her.  I don't think she knows how pretty she is.  Or how lovely and curvy her calves are!  :)  Well, she does now! 

Michele LePage:  I've known this woman long enough to know this is another fiercely resilient babe.  Raising a child on her own, enduring not exactly the best of what the male species has to offer, I'm proud to see her not just endure, but fight back at the shit thrown at her.  I love tough girls like this.

Ann Skacha:  I've had a friendship with Ann for a few years now, and slowly learned to adjust to the language barrier with her Thai homeland.  A smart, massively beautiful woman with an equally kind heart.  It seems evident that she's happy just to make her friends smile as much as she can.

Jenny Spence:  My friendship with Jenny is an odd one in that I've come to know her more in her physical absence through facebook than when she worked just up the street with my wife.  I've learned she's whip-smart, compassionate and funny!  And HOT, whether she knows it or not.

Amy Van Curen:  Amy is so lovely.  When you look in her eyes, you can see she's been through a lot, but you can also see that it hasn't changed her outlook any or how she sees the world.  She's another southerner I'm proud to know, and more than happy to see every day on facebook.

Cindy Elward:  Another one of my more enduring friends.  Cindy is an example of what a devoted mother could be modeled after.  She's sensitive with a soft, kind heart, and with beauty I have no problem looking upon.  I've often told her one of her pictures is among the best I've ever seen!

Steve Kokic:  Steve and me go back to our teen years.  He's one guy who's barely changed at all, and that's only meant as a nice thing from me.  He's my go-to guy for geek talk, be it about politics, conspiracy theories, music or anything else.  And fellow KISS fan extraordinaire.  A brilliant guy.

Sue Matthews:  Quite possibly the purest soul of a friend that I know.  We don't see each other a lot, but we do converse at least on fb from time to time, and her heart is always, always in the right place.  There's a lot of good in the world merely because she's in it.

Diane Sherman:  A friend from back in the sub shop days (those who know me will get that), Diane's a very young spirit who just happens to have been around a little longer.  She's a sucker for a good time and only wants others to be happy with her.  A sweet, caring and attractive lady.

Lisa Eisener:  Here's another great example of what a mother should be like.  Talk about devoted.  She protects her kids without being overprotective, and has no problems amping up the fun factor.  She's taken the hurt in her life and turned it into building blocks for better times.  A hot mama!

Isabelle Couture:  I don't think she knows it, but Isabelle is very visually pleasing to me.  No doubt to most guys, too.  Her genorousity and kind spirit and wicked sense of humor are laughing gas to the world around her, spreading smiles in all the places it's needed.  I'm happy she's my friend.

Jason Richard:  One of the smartest guys I know, with a heart just as big as his brain (that's kinda big).  Jason came into my life through Sara, whom he married and changed her life 100% for the best, which I'm ultra grateful for, because she deserves him, and he deserves her.  A very giving, gentle soul.

Valerie Robichaud:  In the short time I've known this insanely attractive woman, I've seen her endure a lot.  Too much, in fact.  But she held out hope that things would turn around, and it appears they have.  She deserves the best life can give her.  A wicked and sexy sense of humor!

Danny Auffrey:  I got to know this guy through my work, merchandising Lay's chips.  I've seen a number of guys do his job, and none as good as he does.  Partly I think because he's such a nice friggin' guy.  A sensitive and gentle fella with a compassionate ear, and an endearing sense of humor.

Doriane Howell:  My buddy Pete's wife.  Like many others, Doriane's been dealt several punishing blows in life over the years, but will not compromise her sweetness in the face of it.   A lovely woman with a heart of gold.  And a husband who's a swell guy too.

Lisa Cormier:  Another lady friend married to a pal of mine from way back quite a ways.  Lisa's quite a hot chickie, has been all along and doesn't seem to change.  She's another tough one, staring down life's issues as they come at her one at a time, or several even.  I've always enjoyed her and Alan's friendship.

Loretta Knarr:  The distinction about my friendship with Loretta is her association with her man, Keith Pskowski (I hope that's spelled right), who's been a friend since wayyy back.  It's good to see that those two look happy to be together and that all is well where they are.  Keith's always been a great guy.

Karin Hould:  I got to know Karin through jamming with a friend of mine a couple of years ago.  A beautiful woman with eyes you have to see to believe how stunning they are.  She's a sweetheart and a kind and caring soul that no one could credibly dispute.

Shirley Splude:  Shirley and I kind of got together way back in the early 90's and never lost touch.  She's a smart and generous woman with a heart of gold whose kindness knows no bounds.  And, back in those early days I learned, can kick some wrestling ass herself!  Ah, the good old days.

Michelle Dormer:  I could go on a long time about sweet Michelle.  Now a mother of two and a resident of Halifax, she's arguably the funniest girl I've ever known.  Her dad is one of my all time best friends.  Michelle and me were high school sweethearts who wound up growing apart, but found our paths cross once again via facebook.  We've remained great friends, but have yet to have our long anticipated 'rematch'!  :)  I'm glad we're both in happy stable places now.

Jessica Jones:  We met through my wife's work, and developed a friendship with all of us here at the house through the years following.  One of the smartest women I know, and most beautiful.  She's learning about life one step at a time.  As well as I CAN kick her ass.  :)  (I had to say that!)

Sara Richard:  Sara's one of this family's most enduring friends.  Talk about loving a good time.  I think Sara laughs more than anyone I know, and that's what helps make her so attractive.  Married to Jason, she's on the right track, and back in our picture.  A former record holder.  (She knows!)

Kim Melanson:  An old flame from '86 who's a good friend today still.  Kim's a brave woman, not afraid to try anything once it seems (like roller derby...OUCH).  What she does for a living demonstrates what her heart is made of, helping the handicapped.  She has a vibrance to her whenever I see her.

Linda Myers:  Don't really know much about Linda yet, except that she's Darren's wife and a fellow Words of Wonder player on facebook.  But the few interactions we've had have been endearing ones.  It's easy to see why Darren chose her as a life mate.  She's a sweetheart.

Sharon Akiko:  She's a bit of a mystery to me.  Met this girl via Words of Wonder on facebook through a friend request she sent, and far be it from me to turn that down.  She seems like a nice girl.

Mary Louise McGivney:  Known her for years, but not real well; still, every time she's around, all I get from her is a pleasurable presence.  She actually alerted me to a job opening to a place I worked at when I couldn't find work at one point.  In other words, she's very thoughtful.  And pretty.

Alan Cormier:  Another one of those people who seem to never change, and again, I mean that as a good thing.  Al's always been the kind of guy who'd offer a hand to someone who needed it.  Just an all around light hearted, humorous, non judgmental guywith his heart in the right place.

Wendy MacNeill:  Wendy and me go all the way back to grade 1!  We obviously lost touch about halfway through elementary school, but reconnected through facebook.  It's been tough for her, but she never gave up and pushed forward, and is now living the life she's always wanted.  As a kid I always thought she was hot.  She still is!

Pauwlina McGrath:  My former boss.  I kind of decided to not allow co-workers on my facebook, but she's the exception.  Absolutely brilliant, absolutely beautiful (I can say that now!), and has a fierce determination to help those around her and improve their lives.  She's often given me an ego boost from her pep talks, and that's beyond valuable to me.

Pam Tidd:  I've known her as long as Kim Melanson.  She's one of the smartest people I know, and one of the most attractive.  She's actually scarily smart.  The fact that she chooses to make a living helping people clearly speaks volumes about her heart.  And yep, another killer wrestler!

Kelly Verriere:  Kelly makes her living making people smile and lead healthy lives.  I think she gets a high off of making people happy, and she's addicted to that rush, obviously not a bad thing.  She's got an eternally youthful look and desire to have fun, and bring others along with her for the ride.

Holly Haynie:  My California girl!  I've known her from way back when I was an AOL customer.  She's got those Caifornia Girl good looks and bright personality to match, and is one of the very first people I got to know online.  Another babe with a wicked sense of humor.

Philip O'Neill:  The husband of my old friend Debby McGraw.  This guy's a success story if there ever was one.  He's gone from having very little to being a husband, father, grandfather and successful in his work life.  Along the way, he hasn't changed at all, being the same generous kind guy he always has been.

Nicole Renee Brun:  I know Nicole through Sara, and she's very much the way Sara is.  Talk about beautiful.  Movie star good looks to go along with a sweet demeanor that you'd wish everyone had.  I don't see her much, but when I do, I'm thankful that there's no change in what I just described.

And then there are a couple of honorable mentions......

Peter Cook:  A faithful Ragnar reader and elder statesman of the Cook clan.  Pete sets the standard of how to age gracefully and how to compose oneself at any age, really.  He's the one brother I can communicate with about music and movies and other lighter fare and have meaningful conversation about it.  Then there's politics!  Just a fun guy to talk with.

Tim Churchill:  Very smart, very thoughtful, very engaging and an all around wonderful guy and enduring friend.  It's always a blast being around him even if it's just to chat.  I take responsibility for his KISS Army recruitment, and for seeking out new junk food in new civilizations.  If there was a Heart of Gold Award, he'd be one of my first choices.

Last but certainly not least......

Alexandra Cook:  At a time when I needed God to give me a sign that I meant something in this world, he sent Alexandra to Janice and me.  Wow... when I think back of how I was before she came along, and who I am now, they're two different people altogether.  I actually grew up without sacrificing the 'big kid' in me.  I needed that growing up to survive, and be a man for my wife.  Watching her grow up... really, 'having' watch her grow up... has opened my eyes to how I could have been a much better son to my own mom.  I think that happens to all of us, if we're lucky enough.  Alexandra has beauty, brains, and the conduct that it takes to be successful in life just the way I had always hoped.  If there was ever any doubt that I could do anything right, I need look no further than her.  Perhaps Janice and I raised her, but she taught us how to be the people we needed to be.

Janice Cook:  The one person that came along that made sure I kept living and contributing to this planet, and still does.  There is a person who is the most perfect to each of us, and mine is Janice.  She's the one who stills the waters when my ship is getting rocked by waves; the one who reassures me when I'm unsure; and restores confidence when there is doubt.  She's not just smart, she's brilliant, and knows what it takes to get something done.  She provides the stern hand with our daughter where I can't, or won't, when it's needed the most.  She is the reason this house we live in still shelters us, and is made more of a home every year.  When I'm not feeling well, I don't need to say anything.  She knows, because she knows me.  She knows when someone or something has hurt me, and goes straight into fix-it mode until it's repaired.  It seems she will spare no expense at making and keeping me happy, to the point I even feel guilty sometimes.  Her beautiful long, blonde hair, gentle eyes, heartwarming smile and sweet voice are always there when I need her.  And when I need a good ass kicking, her muscles are always there to deliver it too!  No one could possibly be more perfect in my eyes.  She is the one person on this earth that was meant for me, and I for her.

Now, I do hope that if you're one of those that I've discussed here in this lengthy blog entry, that you take everything I said to heart, and that I meant every word of it.  People don't get enough compliments these days, and I do know that you definitely are deserving of it.  Yes, YOU.  Go forth and multiply, if you can.  Except you, Alexandra, not yet, k?

Thanks for reading, and for being my friend.  And for letting me be yours.