Thursday, April 23, 2009


a relaxing night tonight as alexandra, janice and me headed out to costco and got a few groceries, then came back and janice cooked a lovely chicken fajita supper for us; we then kicked back and watched an episode of 'survivor' that renewed my faith in the show with a holy shit moment to end it... the day was fairly quick at work with a busy shift; janice worked the daytime, lexy of course at school; felt a little antsy at work and somewhat anxious though... looking forward to a decent sleep tonight hopefully, after janice was a bit unvoluntarily noisy last night.  on deck:  lexy goes to the movies, then comes home with her friend courtney who's staying over this weekend, hopefully take in a ballgame, might get the tires changed.

Janice says:

Well supper was good if I say so myself.  I do not cook all too often, but when I do I am glad that Mike and Lex like it.  I am looking forward to it being 4pm tomorrow because of a two day weekend.  I can not wait till I have my appointment with VitalAir so as to have a new mask for my breathing machine.  Mike is having a tough time dealing with my snoring.  I am having a rough time sleeping as well.  Survivor was really good tonight and I am digging it.  I was so happy to see Tyson go and next get rid of the asshole himself Coach. He is such a pompous ass!  The sooner he is gone the better. There is not much else on tv at the moment for programs that we watch.  It is going to be a long spring time with no programs for us to watch.  Oh well what can you do?  Well time for the news.  Night all.


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