Monday, March 9, 2009


bit tough getting up this morning after a rough sleep, went to bed last night going over the 'watchmen' book and recalling the movie - very, very close adaptation.... work was good today; pretty typical day; gave geraldine a drive home again, saw robert - a bit banged up after his seizure, but recovering well, not back to work yet; karen missing today, her child has pneumonia; lex made supper tonight in the form of chicken nuggets, veggies and sidekicks, all by herself, and a great job; janice had a reasonable day, but she's very tired, passed out on the couch tonight - she has a 12 hour shift ahead of her tomorrow, will bring her treats and meals and company tomorrow; my cold is finally with one foot out the door; ready for '24' tonight, five minutes from the time i type this, then bed.  on deck:  janice's marathon shift, work, and a day with an empty schedule.


  1. Hey I will try to pop in again tonite. I tried last nite but I dont think that you were home?? I am getting excited to read about it the reviews are really good. :)

  2. THE review to read is Roger Ebert's. He's the best movie reviewer on the planet. No other has won a Pulitzer Prize for his work. And he loved Watchmen so much he reviewed it TWICE, once for movie screen version and again for IMAX.

    You can read those reviews here...

    and here.....

    Hope those links work.

  3. Cool I will check them out. :)