Thursday, March 5, 2009


tough getting out of bed today, benylin 1 knocked me out cold last night. good sleep though. concerned about janice's erratic breathing patterns... she worked 9-4 today... had usual decent shift; geraldine back, no car, offered her a drive to her bank and to her home in pinetree on elmwood drive; late picking up janice & lex; went straight to hospital for blood tests for me and x-rays; five vials for rheumatology scan and x-rays for wrists and hands. supper tonight was goulash with fried potatoes, red onions, garlic seasoning, turkey pepperoni (red meat is out for Lent) and corn with hot sauce... surprisingly good. got watchmen movie tickets for tomorrow night; madagascar 2 and kung fu panda for kids at blockbuster; watched survivor and typed blog during; ready for bed now. on deck: watchmen at 6:30, time with lex and court, r&r after tough week with stubborn cold.

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  1. A tough cold is right. I wish I could get rid of it for him. I hate seeing him with a cold. I hate seeing him or alexandra sick.