Sunday, March 22, 2009


woke up with a bad headache today, though i was still able to get up around noon, which was good; so did the wife... lex was at poley mountain today skiing with george, we went there to get her, and got some of those majorly yummy lil orbitz cinnamon donuts while there; weather today was perfect for skiing, mild weather and sunny... headache persisted through most of the day; we got home from poley and lexy went to babysit at janice's boss's house for the evening, and we took the opportunity to nap, not before janice took it upon herself to shovel the walk outside; the sleep helped us both in a huge way, eliminating both our headaches and refreshing us... made homemade veggie pizza with red onions, black olives, yellow and orange peppers, pineapple and mushrooms with saputo mozzarellisma cheese; was great... watched a bit of tv until we headed upstairs.  on deck:  got a reading to do at church, possibly some 'y' activities, going to pete's to gt some music ideas together, lex has catechism tomorrow night.

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  1. The best pizza ever I tell you. I think he could sell those pizzas and make some good money doing it to. The one big thing is that it takes a lot of work to make them. We did have a good nap and Lex made some cash which she likes to do. Lex sure was tired. I am to. Time for some zzzzz's.