Thursday, March 19, 2009


slept a little better last night, but janice is having a very rough time with her flu - her glands are so swollen that it hurts for her to turn her neck; she's on antibiotics... didn't feel great today, stomach-wise; had sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub from subway and went downhill from there, but i'm suspicious of vitamins i'm taking; might halt them for a bit... took a brief break at work to bring lexy and her friend courtney and janice to magnetic hill school for lexy's wrestling meet, she won one and lost one against a far bigger girl i hear; in other words, she did very well... the three of us went to kfc to get a few snack wraps, which were really good i'm surprised to say, and went to see 'coraline' in 3D since janice didn't see it yet; i was very impressed at how 3D tech has come along; janice loved the show and we loved it again... no 'survivor' tonight, we forgot it was on last night this week, probably just a clip show anyway... saw a 'for sale' sign at the old 136 house, where i grew up and spent the first 27 years of my life; sent out that tidbit to family.  on deck:  TGIF, big time.  so tired from a rotten week of sleep and wrecked stomach.  janice getting rest to get over her illness.  finale of 'battlestar'.

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  1. I loved the movie it was absolutely uncanny how it makes you think of our little family. All the little things anyway. I am not having a great time of the flu but the weekend will help a lot I m sure. Mike will make sure of that. I am sensing trouble in the force at work will update at another time. I am sure Mike will update you all on the going on. Time to do some relaxing as mike ordered. Nite all.