Tuesday, March 10, 2009


janice got through her marathon 13 hour shift today, pretty weary now that it's done, God bless her; i brought her a 12 incher... subway veggie sub, and some macadamia nut cookies and ice tea... very slow day at work today as one of the machines broke down, making for hectic work now the rest of the week; karen is back, her child has pneumonia AND asthma, her and her hubby taking turns being with their daughter; darren got his insurance check; lex and me watched wwe raw tonight; waiting to see improvement in her school marks after tv and computer privileges were taken away last week... sunny and warm today, enough to take break in the car instead of lunchroom.  on deck:  another evening shift for janice, back to the y gym thursday, got march 24 off for wisdom tooth removal.

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  1. Ya I did it 13 hours.. I have two more of those shifts next week and I am hoping that they will be done as fast as they did today. I had to do a bit of shift changing with the staff though. We will se how it goes over with the ladies. Lex has been trying to be more careful with her home work. I am hoping that her report card is not to bad. We will see soon. Man was I ever glad to see Mike tonight that meant that I was off of work soon. Anyway time to relax and chill with the hubby.