Friday, March 13, 2009


watching battlestar right now, will type between commercials... rough sleep last night, kind of rough at work with a heavy duty toothache, enough to make me come home at 9:30 this morning for tylenol #1 which provided much needed relief; was taken aback today somewhat by unforeseen comments from a coworker; no good at all at handling that stuff... drove geraldine home and gave rodney a lift to sdm, picked up janice and came home to lexy where we toiled a bit trying to get my ipod shuffle to work, and failed; headed out to wal mart to return ips and was told to consult apple; went to costco to get new sneakers for jan and me and allergy meds for lex; time ran out to make y gym visit... had ceasar salad for supper, and here we are.  on deck:  watchmen in imax in halifax for 6:30 show, lex goes skiing and stays over at george and cindy's, janice works short shift 9-1.


  1. What is wrong with your ipod? Sara has a ipod classic. It works pretty good. :)

  2. It's my iPod Shuffle. It just died on me and I can't bring it back to life.