Monday, March 23, 2009


work today was a challenge because the headache that will not go away seems to have taken up permanent residence with me; janice put in her 13 hour shift, and i brought her some soup, a roll and donut with tea from tims for lunch... my headache became so unbearable toward the end of my shift i considered leaving early; stuck it out, and came home to research sinusitis, discovered all my symptoms match it, and that the brain can become infected (!!) if untreated; called janice to help to make an appointment; saw the doc tonight and she agreed, sinus infection; taking amoxacillin (sp?) and nasanex for awhile... laid down at the house here after visiting janice for a bit and picking up my prescription; janice came home and we watched '24' which is getting better every week, with 'battlestar' now gone, is the best show on tv... lexy lost $40 she earned over the last few days at school due to careless misplacement - hard lesson to learn; snow is falling in the waning minutes of the day as i type this.  on deck:  a day off tomorrow, but a wisdom tooth is coming out tomorrow morning.  lots of r&r after that as i try to let the antibiotics take effect.

Janice says:  

If I could take the  headache away I would, but the antibiotics should start working in a day or so. What a day. I do not want to have to do those too often I tell you.  Lexy had a hard time telling me about the money and, well... I told her next time to listen to me when I say to put her money away. It is a hard pill to swallow. We have all been in that boat at one time or another. I work tomorrow night, so I can bring Mike to the dentist in  the morning.  I bet he is looking forward to that.  After I will bring him home to tuck him in for lots of r&r.  Looks like we may be going to Watchmen on the weekend with Cindy.  I can not wait. 


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