Wednesday, March 11, 2009


reasonable sleep last night, but short; warm day yesterday but cooled off a lot today; snow and very cold rain... janice worked 2-9:30, brought her supper of salad and rotisserie chicken; brought lex to guitar lesson, she did her homework and i stayed with janice for a bit at her work... darren was out of sorts at work today, understandably; karen's daughter in hospital one more day but progressing, almost out of the woods... pal cindy picked up watchmen book at janice's work today, looking forward to seeing movie second time... talked tonight on facebook messenger with danny, shirley, lisa and natalie, shared lots of memories and heart to hearts and 'guy talk'.  on deck:  survivor blog, back to the 'y' gym and whatever comes our way.

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  1. It was a good night at work. I loved supper. I love it how everyone at work thinks he spoils me when he brings me my supper. Eat your hearts out folks he mine......