Sunday, March 15, 2009


woke up late today, had to stay home because lex was being brought home from st john due to george not feeling great, so we had to forego church while we awaited her arrival... janice, lex and me went to the y today and took part in family open gym, shooting baskets and playing badminton while janice refreshed on her tkd forms; went to wal mart after that and got lex some new sneakers and i got my classic maltesers... janice washed the car and we came home; made poutines for us before lex took off for catechism; picked her up and went to reids newsstand and ran into pete, we discussed what to do next saturday for music; picked up a copy of entertainment weekly, ran into a friend working there and heard words that made feel very old, quite seriously... tar was on when i got home but can't shake this feeling old, between what she said and then my daughter sticking up for her; but i read too much into that as always... read my magazine, now here i am in bed with janice in the waning hours of the day.  on deck:  contemplating getting rid of facebook, back to work, janice working till 7, typical monday blues.


  1. You are as old as you feel and I believe that we are the youngest 40 year old couple I know. I see people at work and they act way older than they actually are. I feel that those who critique other are just jealous and wish they were like we are.


  2. Why are you wanting to dump facebook? I agree with janice! I am 37 and by no means do i act my age. Ben either. I would not let whatever this person said to you affect you. You live your life the way you want! Which is pretty great by the way :)