Sunday, March 15, 2009


got up early Saturday morning to meet george to pick up alexandra for a ski day, plus had to deal with the bell service guy coming to the house; nothing got done, we're going to give our final notice to express vu to take their equipment and shove it up their fuckin' asses; we'll deal with rogers, the lesser of the two evils, if you can believe that... janice worked 8-1, then we bought some six pack pepsi 710ml at sdm for $2.50 (all week); came home, ate and hit the road to halifax armed with a google map this time to imax for 'watchmen'; got there without a hitch, ate our first sub at quizno's, a turkey sub which was excellent - we'll get it again, that good; walked back to the theatre in plenty of time before showtime, but it was packed anyway; still, found good seats right in the middle. we far, far appreciated this showing of 'watchmen' with the bright, huge colors and screen, blow-you-away sound and most of all, this movie was meant to be seen multiple times, and we were nearly moved to tears at some scenes the second time seeing. movie of the year... drive home was swift and devoid of problems, got home by midnight, watched snl a bit and went to sleep. got a call from lex while we were on the road home from hlfx, sweet to hear her as we missed her. we were invited to rick's for wings with roy and may on hand too but had plans for the movie. on deck: to the y for family gym, lex has catechism tonight, TAR tonight as well as the entertaining 'sober house'.

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  1. It was a good weekend. We had a good ride to Halifax and and back. It sure warms the heart the way Alexandra was worried about us and called to see if we made it to Halifax safely. Our little girl is growing up. She is so mature beyond her years. The watchmen in Imax is the best way to see and appreciate the movie. Can not wait to see it again. All n all a good family weekend.