Sunday, March 22, 2009


got up this morning with relative ease and got decked out for church, where i had the duty of saying the first reading, a very long one at that; lexy served and janice was out there somewhere by herself looking on from the congregation... came home and took in 'question period', rebooted myself onto facebook with a new account (leaving the old one behind for reasons i'll keep to myself) and got janice fixed up to join me here at ragnar; lex, janice and me took off to the 'y' to throw some basketballs around and play badminton for a bit before heading out to find janice a pair of pants, and lexy got herself a wwe ds videogame; a headache was in full blunt force by the time i got home and i'm getting a little wary as to why i'm getting so many lately... took it easy laying down hoping the headache would pass; watched 'battlestar's finale one more time along with a preceding special that we missed friday - this is a show we're really going to miss, but 'caprica' will start up next january, looking forward to that... watched a fairly lacklustre 'amazing race', then the finale of 'sober house', now we're in bed watching the weather as a late winter storm heads our way.  on deck:  back to work, janice is in for another 13 hour shift 8am-9pm (bring her a tea from tims... she likes x lrg apple cinnamon tea with 3 splenda), whatever else comes our way i guess.  over to janice....

Janice Here...

K i have had it with winter and now we have more of that shit coming. Oh boy can't wait.....    I have a long one tomorrow, as Mike said, and I am hoping that it will be the last but i have my doubts. I guess time will tell. I hope Mike and Lexy come to see me at some time, it makes the time go faster.  I have to agree with Mike on TAR and Survivor, they just are not all that interesting at the moment. Let's hope they pick up. On Deck for tv tomorrow The Jack Bauer Power Hour. Can't wait.


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