Saturday, March 21, 2009


not a bad sleep last night just not enough; janice took on the duties of getting our car legal for another year, getting registration and inspection done; work was a bit tough today in that i had to endure some heavy chemicals in the air that brought on a monster headache, not just in me but other workers; walked home from work to clear my head successfully... went to costco to pick up some mozza cheese, choc almonds, plastic wrap and yummy fiery salsa tortilla chips from herr's; dropped into co op to pick up some things to make a veggie pizza with homemade crust that we'll have saturday... george picked up lex tonight to bring her skiing saturday, and we pick her up at poley mountain at around 4 to bring her home to babysit for janice's boss in the nighttime... watched the 'battlestar' finale tonight with janice, kind of a mixed reception between us, feeling that it's still incomplete and confusing, to say the least.  on deck:  a day off for janice and me both (she feels better and is steadily improving btw), off to the ski hill to pick up lex, not much else planned.

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  1. Well I am looking forward to a weekend off. I look forward to all the time we have off together but this is going to be a good time to get rid of whatever I have and to give Mike some much needed ZZZZZZ's. I am glad Lex got to go skiing with George she just loves it. It is a bonus that she gets to spend the night with Cindy and george.