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A Year of Friends in Review

The Random Thoughts thing I've been doing on this blog is kind of fun.  It lets me update things and not get too serious or drawn-out about stuff.  That said, this isn't quite one of those entries.  I wanted to do something specifically for my facebook friends and family.

What I'm going to attempt is to write a short, one-lined comment (or so) on each person on my friends list at facebook.  Now that the year's come to a close, I thought it would be a good way to reflect a little on what I think of everyone.  Don't worry, you're on my FRIENDS list, there won't be anything snarky.  I'm not that way anyway.

Without further delay, then, let's get started, because this'll probably take more than one sitting:

Alyson Showell - met this girl in an AOL chatroom long ago when we got our first computer.  She's a tough, sweet, and inspirational woman, not to mention smart.

Amanda Tidd - haven't communicated with my friend Pam's daughter in ages.  But by all accounts she's doing very well.  I watched her grow up in her very young years.

Amy Clark - a friend I met through a facebook linked app.  Her daily mission is simple and sweet... to make people smile.  After what she's gone through, that's so admirable.

Andrew Bisson - my sister Debbie's boy, a man I admire for his smarts and how well grounded he is.  A very welcoming presence.

Angela Longphee - the wife of one of my childhood buddies.  She's a neighbour too, who joined us in a fight to drive a stake through the faintly beating heart of Kiwanis Pool.

Ann รักนายหลวง - another friend from a facebook app.  Not a mean bone in this girl's body.  She's a peace-loving individual who loves to make friends.

Bob Evans - husband to my double-cousin Karen.  Don't know him much if I'm being honest... but I know he's a good guy simply because he's married to an absolute sweetheart.

Bob Gould - one of the quieter of my double-cousin clan, but give him a beer and a shot at karaoke and watch that change!

Brett Edward Gould - my double-cousin Mike's kid, and Alexandra's school mate from Queen E.  I think he's gonna be a ladies' man.

Brian Bourque - those people you hear of, the give-the-shirt-off-their-backs types?  Brian's one of those. One of the most kind hearted people I know, a friend for the last 30 or so years.

Brittany Buell - refreshingly honest, heart-on-her-sleeve type, and supermodel good looks.  Her mom is her inspiration in life and she'll be the first to tell you that.

Carolyn Langis Leblanc - another friend from way back in the Queen E days that I reconnected with on facebook.  Glad to know that she's doing well so many years later.

Chelsie Ray Steeves - smart, shy teenage girl with her whole life ahead of her.  The sky's the limit.

Christopher Cook - my nephew and very good friend.  Getting married soon (?!).  I'm so proud of this guy, it would take a lot more space than this to tell you why.

Cindy Day - if I ever met this woman, I think I'd freeze and/or trip over my tongue endlessly and look like the world's biggest dork.

Cindy Elward - an old friend from my BJ's Subs days that I would say is one of my best friends and most loyal and trustworthy.  I don't just throw those words around about anyone either.

Corey Mayo - my sister Cindy's boy, whom I would say is becoming more thoughtful and sensitive with each time I see him.

Courtney Drouillard - a longtime pal of our little girl, we've seen Courtney grow up alongside our daughter.  Although subject to much adversity, she's maintaining her poise very nicely.

Cynthia Mayo - my sister and spiritual partner.  We agree more than we disagree on matters, and what we don't agree on, we accept.  Not easy when it comes to spiritual matters but we have a balance.

Dale Coish Colbourne - Janice's old Superstore co-worker from years gone by now living in Cape Breton.  A devoted mother if there ever was one.

Danny Auffrey - chip guy extraordinaire!  He's a Frito Lay rep with whom I can talk with endlessly about anything and get a kick out of it.  This is one of those guys everyone wants to know.

Darren D Myers - one of my old childhood buddies going back as far as 40 years.  We reconnected on facebook very recently.  He was a tough kid, but an anti-bully type.  Real good memories.

Darren Elliot - one of the most giving people I've ever known.  Worked with him at Vail's recently, and found out he's always thinking of his friends, of which I'm glad to be one.

Dawn Hoar Robinson - a former boss from Shoppers whom I miss working with so much.  An infectious smile, laugh and attitude that you want to be around all the time.

Diane Sherman - a feisty lady from my BJ's Subs days who always likes smiling and always loves a good laugh.  And always offering kind words when you need them the most.

Donna Williams-Wood - bearer of one of the most beautiful smiles on earth!  She's in the business of making you smile yourself.  And she does a real good job of it.

Fonda Kazi - another from the double-cousin family.  Generous and giving of herself and her time, she's definitely the product of her mom and dad.

Gene Simmons - 'nuff said!

Greg W Cook - wherever you'll find brother Greg, you'll find a good time.  And if you're in trouble of any sort, he'll make sure you get out of it, even if it costs himself.  He's that good of a guy.

Heather Goddard Fallon - mother to my brother Peter's daughter Alycia, I remember way back to her figure skating days.  This is one affectionate and caring soul.

Holly Friend Haynie - a friend I made in my AOL server days when I first got a computer.  We made a connection quite quickly, but lost touch after I left AOL.  We reconnected on fb, but she's been MIA.

Isabelle Couture - met her through Janice's work, SDM, up the street.  Talk about a sweet girl.  When she smiles that dimply smile, you can't help but smile yourself.

Jackie Melanson - carrying on the tradition of the thoughtful Gould clan, we connected through fb, as did a lot of the Cooks and Goulds.  Like her sisters, she's an obvious product of her parents.

Jamie Cook - a smart and friendly fella everyone would love to have a beer with.  When he's around he keeps the mood light and fun.  Too bad he's a Yanks fan though!  ;)

Janet Gould-Bishop - another cousin I've connected better with thanks to facebook.  And hope to know more in the days, months and years to follow.

Janice Cook - Jamie's wife, not to be confused with my wife.  A pretty, friendly lady, seemingly shy but kind hearted and dedicated family person.

Janice J Cook - this one is my wife.  My rock.  The reason I'm happy and thriving today.  Without Janice, I'm simply not myself.  I've become what I am as a person due in no small part to having her by my side through thick and thin, and the thick parts were challenging.  I've had my issues, and those issues are now non-issues because she saw me through them.  I love her and need her like the earth needs the sun.

Jenny Spence - another girl I met through Janice's work.  Smart, thoughtful, pretty, and ambitious, she's moved to PEI to further her education.  But, facebook once again is to the rescue.

Jessica ML Jones - you know those people you connect with really quickly?  Jessica's one of those to me.  We can carry a conversation forever.  Friendly, pretty, funny, intelligent, etc. etc. etc.

Jill Valera - met her through a facebook app and stayed friends with.  She has a challenging life from what I can sense, but she's tough and will succeed in whatever she does.  She's quite a sweetheart.

John Gould - back in '77-'78, this cousin of mine was in my class and helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life.  When I think of John I think of that guy from then.  Again, facebook, thanks.

Josh Robert Thompson - more of a fanpage than anything, but this guy does some pretty killer impressions.  You have to hear his Morgan Freeman.

Karen Evans - another Gould that facebook helped me to connect/reconnect with.  She's the type if you're in trouble, she's the first on the scene.  And always looking to bring a smile.

Karen Haywood - got to know this girl back in grade 12.  Quite the spitfire then, and evidently still is!  We were shy with each other in those days though.  Know her a bit better through fb.

Karen Pyne Mellish - one of my fellow workmates through the hell known as Vail's Dry Cleaners.  Like me, she's escaped that hell though and brought her wonderful personality somewhere where it's appreciated.

Karin Hould-Cormier - the other half of my buddy Larry.  Highly approachable and compassionate.  And with maybe the prettiest eyes on someone I know.

Kathy Price - a cousin from up north in the Miramichi (Chatham) region.  Another facebook connection. We're getting to know each other thanks to that fact.  Certainly a sweetheart.

Katie Esty - fiancee to my good nephew Ryan.  Very intelligent, somewhat shy till you know her, and from what I see, a mainstay in the Cook family.

Kelly Mockler-Verriere - can't say enough about her.  She's one of those people you always want around you.  Always happy, always complimentary, always beautiful.  A friend for life.

Kelsey Ann Gould - daughter of another cuz Mike Gould.  Just out of the starting blocks of her adulthood, the world is her oyster.

Kim Guimond - a lovely little lady who worked beside me at Vail's, who also escaped that hell.  I do miss her being around though.  She's a dedicated family gal, sensitive and thoughtful.

Kim MacDougall - started out with her as a fling, still friends 24 years later.  A kind and sweet individual who thankfully stuck around, even if not so much in the physical sense.

Larry Finn - a pal since '78, this guy and me essentially grew up together.  One of the big reasons I began playing drums, we're still jam buddies today.  We've been through a whole lot together, him and me.

Lexy Cook - the sparkling product of my wife and me, she proved to me that love can have no boundaries.  At a time in my life when I needed something or someone the most, she showed up.  That's why I would call her my angel.  An angel I'll watch over forever.  She is the source of my pride.

Linda Gould - another cousin I actually got to work with through SDM, so facebook can't take all the credit this time.  She's a kind hearted and driven individual.

Lisa Eisener Drouillard - friend and former sparring partner, Lisa is another one of those happy bubbly types who'll give that impression even when she's down in the dumps.  A valuable friend to us.

Lisa Lutes Cormier - a sweet gal friend from back in my Green Gables days.  And that's been a while!  A smart and thoughtful gal with a very cool husband.

Louise Cormier Arseneau - daughter of Henry Comier, for whom I was a rink rat for back in my youngster days.  We went to Queen E together.  She's a sweet girl I remember as being shy but non judgmental.

Lucille Goguen-Delaney - former co-worker from BJ's who held the ship together, Lucy is one of the smartest women I have the pleasure of knowing.  Brains evidently run in that family.

Marnnie Nares - a filipina friend I got to know through a facebook app, currently in Saudi Arabia till the end of '11, if I remember correctly.  She's quite strong and just as friendly.  And very pretty!

Matt Cook - son of bro Greg, this guy's smarts have no limits.  Quite reserved but great to be around, and a good musician to boot.  Him and me are occasional jamming buddies at the cottage... not enough though!

May Williams - the other half to my brother Rick, she's become a real gem of the family.  Wise beyond her years and a personality as refreshing as a summer shower.  Always great to be around.

Meaghan Collins - a youngster I got to know through tae kwon do classes.  Possesses the admirable quality of being able to pick herself up and forge ahead in the face of adversity.

Michael Gould - one of the quieter Goulds that I know of, but a real gentleman too.  From school years I remember Mike as kind of a gentle giant.  Now he's a gentle dad and husband.

Michelle Collins - an angel of a woman with a smile on her face seemingly permanently.  I know her as well through tkd classes.  I've seen her fight... don't get on her bad side!

Michelle F Dormer - my high school sweetheart.  I have yet to meet a girl who can make me laugh as much as she can.  And this is another tough gal!  All the qualities a woman should have.

Michelle M Arsenault - here's a woman who's goal-oriented and always looking for more.  Whip-smart and uncompromising, if she's down you can never count her out.  And album cover good looks!

Monina Santos Santos - another filipina girl I acquainted through a fb app.  Always there to encourage and offer a kind word, even when you don't think you need it.

Natalie Parent - another gal from the '86-'87 era of my life, smart and beautiful who gives you the feeling you've known her for years just after talking to her for the first time.  Incredible lips too!

Pam Tidd - a pal going back once again to that '86 era.  Hides a soft heart underneath a sometimes tough exterior.  But that soft heart is too big to hide underneath anything.  I think better times for her are still ahead.

Patty Whisenant-Kalinich - another app acquaintence, Patty is a very kind individual but won't let you get away with everything.  She'll tell you like it is.  Refreshingly honest and pretty!

Peter Cook - the eldest of the Cook clan, and arguably the wisest.  Pete's the kind of guy you can make a connection with instantly.  One of my very favorite people to be around.

Porpich Julia Tubtimrai - one very smart, very vulnerable Thai girl, still learning from life but will teach others from it in the very near future, if not already.  Another beauty with amazing eyes.

Richard Gould - younger brother to John and fellow KISS fan -- we stick together in the faces of the anti-KISSsts!  Rich is a very bright and friendly guy, like the rest of his fam.

Rick Cook - the bro I've always called the gatekeeper of the Cooks.  Never taking sides and always at the defense of his siblings, this is the brother everyone wants to have.  And/or friend.

Rod Leger - a musician friend I met through Larry, who used to play with local band Electric Jewels.  Gave Larry and me lots of praise after hearing us jam on evening.  Friendly fellow.

Rose Piedad - someone I've gotten to know in the past year or so, and felt very enriched from.  Highly affectionate, kind hearted, angelic and fun loving, and absolutely gorgeous.

Ryan Cook - the computer geek amongst Rick's boys, Ryan's a smart guy with a world of success ahead of him.  Certainly bears the sensitive markings of a typical Cook too.

Sara Carter - about to be married this summer, it's hard to believe since she seems to be the 15 year old I knew what feels like only yesterday.  Full of laughs and sweetness that's a blessing to anyone she spends time with.

Shawn Cook - the itchy-footed son of my bro Roy, I don't think there's a place on earth he hasn't been.  Literally.  Extremely ambitious and active, and really, a brother to me more than a nephew.

Shaye Valerie Shiah - ahh... Val and me have gotten to know each other online fairly well, never met, despite her being something like an hour's drive away.  Strong, smart, and sweeter than suguar, and a drop dead gorgeous beauty.

Shirley Dobson Splude - a friend I met through Pam, also had a bit of a fling with, and stayed friends, Shirley is one of those people everyone wants as a friend.  Never a bad word about anyone comes from her.

Stacey Babineau - another BJ's Subs co-worker and current good friend, dedicated family woman and sensitive and soft hearted who wears her heart on her sleeve.  Not hard on the eyes either.  :)

Steve Kokic - one of the most offbeat, smartest guys I've known with the quirkiest sense of humor ever.  I mean that in the best way.  This guy will challenge your thought patterns and make you think.

Sue Mahoney Sadler - our neighbour from across the street who I'm sure has seen me dance in my underwear in the patio door more than once!  Very sweet and strong woman who's put up with a lot.

Sue Matthews - friends since high school, we've re-connected via facebook and gotten to know each other better.  She's one more of those shirt-off-their-backs types.  She'd do anything for a friend.

Tammy Cook - wife of my nephew Matt, Tammy is a strong mom of a pair of twins and one other boy.  She strikes me as the definition of a dedicated mother.

Tammy Geldart - yet another BJ's co-worker I've only recently re-connected with.  I miss Tammy and the other girls.  Tammy never seemed to be having a bad day, even if she actually was.

Tina Bever Diller - got to know her as well through an app.  She's very smart woman who deserves a guy in her life who'll give something back.  But she's uncompromising... at least I hope.

Tina Crossman - yet another Vail's co-worker who escaped that hell with a lot of us.  I hope the year and years ahead are kinder to her than the last couple have been.   She needs a break.

Wayne Weldon - jamming buddy and friend from the 80's, and old Asylum bandmate, Wayne seems to be a guy evolving into a .... family man???  WTF??  Good on him!  He's a wonderful guy and friend.

Wendy Macneill - since I've reconnected with Wendy in the last couple of years, I've seen that she's due for something good to happen.  She's tough, you have to give her that.  And very, very giving.

Well, that's it for this year!  2010, that is.  There are a few that I noticed are missing from my facebook friend list that were on it, even not all that long ago.  Seems I'm not a friend anymore to them.  It's not often something like that happens, but, I don't know what more than being myself I can do to prevent that.  Nonetheless, God bless them.

And God bless anyone who's taken the time to read my humble blogs in the last year or more.  I hope you keep revisiting my page to see more of my observations.

Until then... fire up those colortinis and watch the pictures as they fly through the air.

Good night.

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