Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Thoughts 3

Christmas is coming.  What I'm thinking of doing is predominantly decorating in the house specifically for the meaning, not Santa and all that.

Enjoying work, though there are days that it wipes me right out, like the day I'm typing this.  Worked a ten hour day today with one 1/2 hour break, and a 12 hour day Friday with a 1/2 hour break then too.  I stay voluntarily for extra time to help the boss, who's a real good guy.

Don't watch a lot of TV lately.  Nothing on much that I like besides Dexter and Survivor.  The Amazing Race sucked out loud this season.  I do like Question Period on Sundays though.  I'm a politics junkie.

I like Rihanna's new song.  Good to see it looks like she's having fun with music again.

We got a new 2010 Hyundai Elantra after bringing back our 2006 Accent near the end of the lease.  Drives like a dream, with air, power locks and windows, remote starter, cruise, tilt, spoiler, just about everything, for the same payments as our Accent.  And we've been wanting an Elantra for awhile.  Big Red is here.

Going for the clean shaven look for a bit and seeing how I like it.  Pictures will help me decide if I can stand the look of myself or not.without the stache or beard.

My wife is getting stronger every week!  She's really working the weight program hard with me at the gym.  I had to skip a couple of workouts because of work last week, but my shoulder healed up good in the interim.  Feels good now.

Papa John's is awesome.  Especially when it's free for a facebook comment.  God bless 'em.

The wife and me have been married 12 years as of  November 28.  Celebrations to ensue this weekend coming, as we were both working on that actual day.  I love the yoga pants she wears to the gym.  ;)

Looking forward to watching "Inception" several times on Blu-ray when we get it soon.  Director Chris Nolan works on "Batman:  The Dark Knight Rises" next, which is going to be awesome when it comes out in summer of 2012.

I love church on Sundays.  Very, very rarely do we miss it.  For those who think it's boring... you're not 'getting it'.  Come to St. Bernard's here in Moncton and listen to the readings (you might hear ME doing that) and the Gospel, then listen to the Father talk about them.  Fr. Carroll and Fr. Toner are excellent speakers who bring wonderful light to the scriptures.

Tough times may be ahead as we try to reign in our daughter's 'maturing' ways as she approaches 15 in April.

Prime Minister Danny Williams.  Could it happen?  If he wants it, I bet he can have it.

My good buddy Marshall has upped and left Vail's.  So has another friend, Karen.  'Shirley' the owners must realize what's wrong at that place and fix the problem once and for all, but I don't care anymore now that Marshall's out of there and is moving on to much happier endeavors.  Karen too.

The Y has gotten its act together over the last couple of months.  We are indeed staying and endorse membership for anyone.

I hope everyone who tunes in here to Ragnar to read my humble thoughts keeps coming back from time to time to see what's going on in my head.  I appreciate your interest.  Back at least once more before Christmas.

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  1. Congrats Mike and Janice (a little late) on your anniversary very rairly do we see people staying married any length of time. Its nice to see and hear of people who genually "Love Each Other". I love reading your blog makes my day. I think you should be writting a column in the paper. "As Mike See's It" I just wanted to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all the best in 2011 you deserve it.
    Take care