Sunday, January 9, 2011

Random Thoughts 4

At this very moment, watching W5 where a severely injured soldier paralyzed from the neck down is trying to regain movement of his limbs.  Just when you think life is tough, you see something like this to kick your ass out of your complacency.

What a winter, lots of storms, lots of snow and rain and wind... what I want is the bone chilling temperatures.  You read that right.  Because warm temperatures this time of year just don't feel natural or healthy for our balance of nature.

Such nice comments from the friends I spoke about in the last Ragnar posting.  They validate even more why they are my friends and always will be.

The wife can not stand Jennifer Hudson's singing in the Weight Watchers commercials.  The mute button does get used from time to time around here.

Trouble in the U.S. again with the shooting in Arizona.  Guns guns guns.  The division in politics down there is so scary that it's become deadly now.  As long as you have the Sarah Palin mentalities prevailing, that's what they're going to get.

Is it just me or are there now too many cartoon movies?

Michael Jackson the hero.  Those of you who are fans, let me ask you this.  If a man who wasn't famous,  who was filthy rich, was accused of pedophilia multiple times (but not convicted however bought out the accusers), wanted to spend the weekend with your kid or kids... would you let him?  Never mind backgrounds.  All of us have trouble from our pasts.

The penalty for drunk driving upon first conviction should be loss of license AND job.  If someone went out and had more than just a drink, wouldn't it be a deterrent if they stopped to think, 'what if I lose my job?'  It seems losing their life or anyone else's doesn't click into them as real enough.  So by law... you lose your job and your license.  You have to earn them BOTH back.  That's just on first conviction.  Enough is enough.  If you drink and drive, you deserve worse really.  Far worse.

Speaking of drinking, I can't be around crowds consuming alcohol.  I get reminded of it from time to time how extremely uncomfortable I am in that scenario.  Too many people act like... forgive me... fucking idiots.  And I won't share that atmosphere.

There are those I couldn't mention in my last post who are friends that aren't on facebook that should get honorable mention.  Friends like Marshall Miles, Pete Howell, sister Debbie Bisson, brother Roy, my current boss Jamie Carter, my very first boss and best ever Don Goguen, Tim Churchill, and others I wish I could remember.  I may add to that list in the next posting.

I'm extremely annoyed that I can't find Poppycock in my area.  My friend Michelle in Vancouver even offered to mail some to me.  A sweet gesture (pun intended), but I'll find it.  Maybe on our next U.S. excursion.

Is anyone else alarmed about the reports of masses of birds dropping dead from the sky?  How about the dwindling population of bees?  Unexplained cow mutilations?  Crop circles that are still going on but not paid attention to?  Increasing UFO sightings?  Here's an idea... go to church.  Better start soon.

I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm 45.  Suck it, Bowflex!

Might be time to hang up the drums.  From time to time I get very discouraged.  I'm in the midst of one of those times right now.  I need a spark to get the interest back which is dropping off big time.

I very recently got a very close up view of how very friggin' strong my wife's legs are getting.  Wow!!!  And she's in the best shape of HER life.  ((sigh!))

Eagerly awaiting the next Coldplay album.  I still listen to Viva la Vida since it's been out, what, three years ago, on my iPod at the gym everyday.  It's timeless.  I can't wait to hear what they come up with next.    KISS too.  I don't know where they're going with their next album producer or direction-wise, but it should be very interesting.  My guess is it will be their last.  Fearless prediction.

Production on The Dark Knight Rises starts in a couple of months.  It'll be summer of '12 that it's out.  I'll be on chccking for updates on production every day for that.  As well as the next Spidey movie.  Soon Apollo 18 will be out, a Cloverfield-like movie of 'lost footage', fictional of course.  Ah yes, there's also Super 8 this summer from Spielberg and Abrams.  It's not a movie about motels either.

Think there'll be an election this year?  Count on it, in the spring when Harper brings down the budget.  We'll then see what the Wimperals are made of.  Honestly, it pisses me off.  What we really need is the NDP and Liberals to unite once and for all, grow a friggin' set and have a leader not afraid to stand up to the bullying, spend-crazy Conservatives.  Every time the Conservatives run the joint we go into record debt, you realize that?

The new V tv series isn't too bad I guess.  You'd swear they were soap opera actors or something though.  Celebrity Rehab, on Sundays, is a better show and more entertaining.  And makes you reflect on yourself... you'd be surprised.  But I'm sure some of the people on that show are famous for not being famous, if you get that.  Like Paris Hilton - she's not on it but might as well be.  I still like my wrestling shows, TNA more than WWE lately.  The women on TNA are amazing!  Looks-wise and athlete-wise.

That's going to be it for now.  Thanks for tuning in again.  Let me know you were here if you could be so kind.  And keep coming back!

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