Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Thoughts #6

A Harper Majority.  I don't like the sound of that phrase and I'm kind of afraid.  Canada is the laughing stock of the UN Council since he's been in power, we're scolded worldwide over our poor environmental record, we have the highest deficit in Canadian history since he came in (don't forget, Canada had an $11 billion surplus left to the Cons by the Liberals, and they blew that LONG before the recession hit), they continuously spend money on smear campaigns on anyone they don't like, including their own (hello, Helena Guergis), they've made it next to impossible for students to get funding for university (as our bestie Jessica), they've decimated just about any support group for women in Canada, they've said they're buying planes for our air force for $18 billion, which I was good with, until that cost went up to the $40-something billion range, without the friggin' engines as it turned out... really, do I need to go on?  They did all that when they had a MINORITY.  Better buckle your seat belts, Canadians.  What kind of country will this be in four years?  Maps of Canada should be drawn with a giant tory-blue screw going through it.

I voted NDP this election, not because I thought they could win, but to merely protest the idea of Harper winning.  And I couldn't vote for Murphy from the Liberals knowing what a slacker he appears to have been representing us in votes in the House of Commons.  Mind you, the Conservative candidate who won appears to be a fine chap, and I believe he will represent us well.  If I could have voted for him without supporting Harper, I would have.

Watching 'Minute to Win It' on OLN right now.  Women in short-shorts + TV = me watching.

Still going to the gym, just not updating our site for tracking our goings-on at it anymore because it's a pain in the hole.  But we've been going.  My wife is a tough cookie let me tell you.  She can put you in a chokehold that'd make you see birds.  With any of her limbs.

I've had to go to a Zumba class at the Y, too.  Not really by choice, but because I'm a man of my word.  I still owe one friggin' more.  At least I provide comic relief when I go.

We made it through Lent without eating red meat, even on Sundays.  But red meat is pretty much all we've eaten since Easter!  I know we have to dial it down a little.  Or a lot.  Red meat's not good for kidney stones, I hear, which I'm apparently prone to.

What I've found out recently on the 11 o'clock news, with Lllllloyd Robertson, is that we should be limiting or eliminating consumption of sodium nitrite, something found in a lot of processed meats especially.  Reason being that it contributes greatly to risk of dementia later in life.  This was a breakthrough I guess, so I'll be reading ingredient lists.  Something else to consider, is that beer is a common place to find it, though it's not required by brewers to list that on the bottles.  Pass the strawberry slush.

Am I veering away from being a leg man to a boob guy?  I don't think so.  Boob guys still need their mommies.  Leg men just want to serve their ladies and treat them right.  And we're more often than not non-confrontational and just nice guys tryin' to get by.

The Dark Knight is the best movie ever made.  The Dark Knight Rises next summer may challenge that title.  If you don't agree with me, deal with it.  You know it's true.

Looking forward to another KISS album this fall.  Another Coldplay album should come soon too, maybe even U2 to boot.  All my favorite bands at once.  I can't get sick of KISS' "Modern Day Delilah", Coldplay's "Clocks" or U2's "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight".  It's a bit sad that there are no new rock bands around that get my attention, but that's how the music biz is these days.

Should be a crazy good time at my Shoppers Drug Mart this weekend with the gala being put on by the cosmetics crew, comprised of a fantastic bunch of ladies.  What a great place to work.  I'm lucky to have a lady named Ruby as my mentor, extremely patient and understanding and willing to help.  And funny as a George Bush blooper reel.

I'm very, very, very proud to announce that my little big girl Alexandra has a spot waiting for her in the pharmacy of my SDM as a student pharmacy assistant.  She talked to the owner there, Pauwlina, about the position and is welcome with open arms.  And Pauwlina is the sweetest young woman you could ever meet.  God bless her.

It sure is nice going out with just a t-shirt isn't it?

I'm itching to learn to play guitar once and for all.  I've got so many song ideas that I've accumulated over the years that I want to flesh out.  More for my own hobby than anything else.  My drum kit is now double bass 9 piece, and it's been a while since I've played double bass, so there's kind of a learning curve.  I have to get back to practicing.

We enjoyed yet another little excursion to the U.S. border last weekend.  Sure is nice to get away from time to time, but we hated leaving our ladypal Jess behind, who was going through lots of pain post-wisdom tooth surgery.  She's having a bit of a tough time with bouncing back, but we got our eyes on her.  So does her lovely mom.

That's about all I have to say this time out.  Thanks for visiting my humble blog and stay tuned, more is sure to follow.

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