Thursday, January 12, 2017

RT Jan 12 2017

Been a while since I did a Random Thoughts post.  It's a day off today, so why not.

Going to attempt slow cooker meatballs today, and baby smashed garlic potatoes.  Gotta do something new, and start putting that slow cooker to more use.  Updates on facebook how it turns out.

Could it be time to change jobs?

Today is the day I double the dose of Cipralex after a lengthy washout period from Trintellix, which was/is incredibly rough.  Still not out of the woods.  Might be in March or so.

I understand Canada is "hockey country" and all that crap, but I hate being one of the few that's stuck in the pool with all the fanatics splashing the water too much.  Football even more so.  Still waiting for baseball to ramp up.

Poor Ronda Rousey... she would've done better had she listened to everyone else, including her own judo expert mother, and had a better coach/trainer.  I bet Stephanie McMahon is drafting a pretty big deal to get her at the next Wrestlemania, though.  Rousey's a huge WWE fan.

Contemplating plans to see a couple of tours this year, the KISSworld Tour and U2's Joshua Tree anniversary.  Montreal or Toronto among the possibilities, maybe Boston.  I'd always wanted to see a WWE pay per view show in person too.

Still going to the gym, but took some more or less forced time off through most of December, due to the wife's and mine work schedules.  Busiest Christmas I've been involved with in retail (hence questioning 'could it be time to change jobs?', among other reasons).  My schedule does me no favours, with two 5am shifts, three 8-4's, and even two 2-10's every third week.  Those shifts don't co-operate with my mental health issues either, I'm told.  But... still want to train for the Fundy Marathon this summer, a 28 mile run.  If I did that... not bad for a 51 year old, after taking up running only a year and a half ago and going for it.

Janice is training like a pro athlete.  Goes to the gym nearly every day for around two hours.  Weight has slowed falling off her although she's getting smaller, as is evidenced by her clothes sizing.  She will be 50 this year and can kick your ass even if you're a teenager.  Guy or girl.  Warning:  She finds Ronda Rousey inspiring.

I don't talk much about politics these days because, as I've discussed previously, I find it hopeless now, and my daughter's kids, if she has any, may be one of the last five or six generations to survive.  Not even kidding.  BUT... I do find U.S. politics increasingly hilarious.  The Golden Don is making his upcoming presidency the laughing stock of all of the history of planet earth, let alone the U.S.  Comedians everywhere will thrive over the next four years.

Our daughter has a new job working for a clothing store at the mall, and I haven't seen her happier in a long while.  She was screwed at her last job, I'll make no bones about it.  I won't even enter that building anymore.  In hindsight, a lot of people were.  Seems to be the culture of that workplace around here, not limited to just one building.

So far this winter is awfully similar to last winter, as to say, not bad.  Some might argue, but Moncton here hasn't really experienced a bad storm in three years, in my view.  Mind you, three years ago, we did experience our worst winter maybe in my lifetime.

Looking forward to fixing up the outdoor eves of the house this spring, and finally, hopefully, getting some walls replaced inside.  Doors would be nice... but then megabucks enter the picture.  Eventually.

I've wanted a nice, big ride cymbal for my drums for years, but to get a nice one, you have to pay a little.  I've always had them, but never a nice one.  This spring, Mr. K from Zildjian will be in da house.  Or a reasonable double.  Drumming is a solo hobby for me these days since I don't know anyone who plays anymore.

Last summer was so awesome, so good, that I can't wait for this summer to come around.  Janice and me spent a lot of time outside last year, thanks to our taking up running, not to mention getting back on track with the peeps in Caissie Cape.  I had a blast doing photography for the big washer toss tournament and look forward to it again.  We'd love to return to Fenway for a couple of games.  Might visit some fam in Welland too, who knows.  $$ will dictate a lot of that.

Going to be a great year for movies.  New 'Blade Runner', 'Dunkirk', 'Spiderman Homecoming', 'Alien Covenant', 'Mute' (Netflix), 'Star Wars Ep. VIII', and that's just off the top of my head.  Really wish the next 'Avatar' would get here already.  James Cameron will once again revolutionize movie making when he puts it out.  It's taking awhile because he's making three sequels at the same time.  Or four, maybe.  Ah yes, 'Alien 5' next year, a sequel to 'Aliens', skipping over the awful 3 and 4.  Newt and Hicks with Ripley will be back!

'Better Call Saul' is about to hit the TV screens... can't wait.  We get to see Gus Fring again.  I'll have to model my Los Pollos Hermanos kitchen apron on facebook sometime.

About TV... if you haven't seen 'Westworld', please please please, DO IT.  By the time you've finished watching the last episode of the season, you will see why I say it's the smartest, deepest, most stunning show on television.  It rivals 'Breaking Bad'.  Yes, it's that good.

Anybody else think Trump is the antichrist?  Maybe a precursor?  Obama only has a few days left to start World War 3 like all the conservatives have said, not to mention take everybody's guns, so he better get cracking.  Seriously, Obama = best U.S. president maybe ever.  Even Kennedy was rocked by scandals.  Nothing for Barack.  Argue if you want... but you're wrong to.

Who's going to win the Royal Rumble?  Not Lesnar.  Not Goldberg.  Those guys will screw each other over in the Rumble and we'll see one last match between them at Wrestlemania, that's my prediction.  And I'm stickin' to it.  Finn Balor is the dark horse in the Rumble, not even announced, but he's owed a rematch with Owens, so I look for Owens to retain and keep his title until WM where Balor will get a shot at taking it back.  But that won't be the headlining match at WM.  Lesnar vs Goldberg will be.  Maybe.  Perhaps Undertaker will be involved for a 3-way.  I'd LOVE to see Rowdy Ronda get involved somehow in the women's division, but odds are very long on that.  But eventually I'd like her to get a deal similar to Lesnar's.  Then there's The Rock.  How will he figure in all of it?  Seth Rollins vs HHH will happen at Mania, too, I predict.

That's about it.  Fire up the colortinis and watch the pictures as they fly through the air.

Good day.  焕

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