Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random Thoughts, July 20, 2013

Been a while since I did a RT, hasn't it?  No not a re-tweet.

Speaking of which, I have joined Twitter.  Again.  I won't leave this time, though I probably won't go on it every day.  To this point, at least, I haven't.  Just now and then.  I find it a bit dull, but that's just me.

Anxiously awaiting vacation, starting next Friday after work, during which time we will be attending two KISS shows here in the maritimes, the first of which we're bringing my old buddy Darren to see his first KISS concert.  And it'll be a doozy.  From what I've seen, the most creative stage since the Hot in the Shade tour, which was just flat out awesome.

Glad to see my Red Sox are kings of the hill for the time being.  But the drag of being a Sox fan is watching the team suck out loud after the all-star break.  I'm hoping that won't happen for once.

Still going to the gym.  At least twice a week.  With the workouts I'm doing, that's all it calls for because it makes you fuggin' sore for awhile afterwards.  No pain no gain.  Good workouts.  I feel the results, don't necessarily see them, but I'm likely my own worst critic.

The reports coming out of San Diego Comic Con about the RoboCop remake are good.  Can't wait to see it.  It's supposed to be a fresh take on Officer Alex Murphy's story, with the satire intact.  But it's hard to remake a Paul Verhoeven movie (see:  Total Recall).

Speaking of movies, one that I've taken to absolutely adore is "Moon", directed by Duncan Jones - David Bowie's kid.  He did "Source Code" as a follow-up, which is also awesome.  I've watched "Moon" probably ten times now after I got the blu-ray.  It's hard to talk about without giving away the most major plot point, but suffice to say, after you've seen it you most likely will want to watch it again.  I say Duncan Jones could well be the next Chris Nolan.

Also speaking of Nolan, looking forward to his next, "Interstellar", though it's only going to be out Christmas 2014.  Quite the cast lineup he has for it too.

If there's one thing I'm tired of in movies, though, that'd have to be the whole alien invasion/end of the world angle.  Enough already.  "Moon", for the record, is alien-less, and actually shows hope for the future.  That doesn't make it happy-go-lucky though.

Conspiracy theories.  How many people like them?  A lot.  Too many.  Unless you're whip smart and objective about the subject matter, though, I think clamming up is your best option lest you look like a loon.  I enjoy the odd CT.  But I don't know how a person can constantly live day to day suspicious of everyone and everything like that.  Want to change the world?  Hold the door open for someone.  Offer a smile, especially when it's unexpected.  Give a compliment.  Thank God for what you have, and think about it.  Empathize.  That's how you change the world. 

My wife makes the best wine around.  Especially killer is her strawberry stuff.  Drop in for a glass.

I will put it out there, that I'm not a real good guy I don't think.  I've alienated a lot of people in the last few years.  I've become somewhat of a hermit even.  But life is a learning experience, and the more experience you get, the better at it you become.  Hopefully.  But it's to the point I almost fear people.  Not people I don't know, but people I do know.  I've disappointed so many that I'm afraid of who's next, so I just take the detour.

There are also those who've disappointed me though.  People who say they care or are concerned, but then pull disappearing acts.  I am so through with that.  I am, regrettably, an over-sensitive guy and I can't change that, though I have hardened over the years.  I guess the way I deal with it is disassociation.  But I'm scared to death of letting anyone get too close anymore.  If you're reading this and you're one of the ones feeling ignored, now you know, it's not ignorance.  It's me.  And these days it's a lot harder for me to believe you're genuine.  That doesn't mean you aren't!

August 8 will be the anniversary of my mom's passing.  It'll be 15 years.  I have dreams about Mom just about every night.  I am a momma's boy.  Just because she's not with us anymore doesn't change that.  All that is good about me is because of her.

One of Janice's colleagues passed away recently.  The wife of another friend died suddenly too.  Events like that leave you wondering, what does anything really even mean?  Should they mean anything?  You don't know how you're going to feel about someone's death until they're gone, no matter what you think you know.  Then comes the regret:  How you've thought about them, the things you've done and said, etc.  Was it all worth it?  Anyone's funeral could be a week from today. 

I have to shake my head at the gun problems they have down south of us.  Ultimately, it's none of our business though.  Unless their guns cross our border and begin firing off, which actually often happens.  But it's like Afghanistan or Syria.  Outsiders can try to change how things are there, but the change has to come from within, if they want it enough.

Loblaws is taking over Shoppers Drug Mart.  The wife and I have shares in SDM, not many, but they went up a lot after that takeover.  Time will tell whether this is a good thing or not, but I just hope SDM isn't going to be run the way Loblaws runs its supermarkets around here.  The frequent recalls on their products and reports of lacklustre customer service makes me uneasy about this turn of events.

I guess that's all there is to say for the time being.  God bless and see you next post.  

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