Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Am Iron Man

Snow is on the way for tonight I guess.  At least that's what the reports are saying.  Here we go!

Been in the house all day today, no regrets.  It's Thursday, my day off before I work the weekend.  I do that every three weeks.  I like where I work, so no problem.  I've been there for a year now.

We took an offer from Bell and got the movie channels free for the next 2 months.  We want Dexter on TV instead of the little computer screen.  That was our main motivation.  And pardon the pun, but it's a killer season.

Interesting how the deficit is ballooning in this province and they're talking about job cuts and tax hikes, when Premier Awkward expressly said none of that was going to be happening when he was campaigning.  I hate to say I told you so, folks, but.... well.... and it's only gonna get worse and worse.

One more workout and I'll be done week 2 of my new training routine.  It's going good.  I'll be 46 in a little over a month, and I'm in the best shape of my whole life.  Janice is a powerhouse.  She pumps more iron than any woman I've ever personally known.

But, it's November 17 and in 13 more days, I'll have proven my point!  ;)

As the years go by and the worse things seem to get, I've become more and more disgusted with combat sports, like boxing, 'mixed martial arts', hockey... yes I said it, hockey is a combat sport.  Too much fighting.  I can't endorse kids watching grown men on the ice fighting over such minor things or nearly beheading each other with their sticks.  Human beings need to evolve faster.

Adele is overrated.  Yes, I said it.  She drinks, she smokes, which is all well and good, but if you're seriously going to sing for a living, smarten the hell up.  Hey, Whitney Houston had that same height of success.  Even more.  Will this Adele be any different than that career path?  I hear 'Someone Like You' and it reminds me of Rizzo from 'Grease'.

Will somebody please tell me why higher oil stock prices are 'good news'?  The 1% fat cats might think it is. But for us paycheck to paycheck people, heating our houses and filling our gas tanks is getting harder and harder to do.  THAT is why there is the Wall Street occupation.

Speaking of... Canadian cities really needn't bother with doing that stuff.  Sure, our financial system is broken, but not more than the U.S. one is.  If you aren't looking to get a job, you will look that part.  And I see a whole lot of people like that on the news every night at these protests.  But, police and governments aren't doing anyone any favors with their middle east style reactions.

We've been cooking on the stove with cast iron skillets for a while now, but only recently have we discovered how to season the pans.  And it's simple!  Cast iron skillets are pretty cheap, really, and far healthier for you than teflon, not to mention are far easier to cook with because they conduct heat so well.  Next time you're in Canadian Tire or somewhere where they have them, pick one up, and us this link to season it.  Be careful though, it's tricky because it's hot and heavy.

Something else we've done around here is try to keep the house as least toxic as we can.  I'm sure my first cat, Rocky, died because of too much exposure to solvents and stuff.  If you wax your floors or use that Swiffer Wet Jet crap, or use Fantastik or something like it to clean up, you're leaving potentially harmful residue behind not just for your pets, but for you and your loved ones.  We use spray bottles filled with half/half vinegar and water.  That takes care of most of everything.  Remember if you have pets, they lick their paws countless times a day.  If your floors are coated with solvents, you're asking for trouble.

This is just a short entry, perhaps most of them will be if I wind up posting more often.  If you dropped by, thanks for doing so!  You know by now how much I appreciate it.  But I'll continue to express my gratitude. Please let me know you've been here if you have a moment, below or facebook or e-mail or whatever.

Fire up the colortinis now and watch the pictures fly through the air.

Good night.

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